Wrist Rocket

The wrist rocket gun with its rocket inside of it.

The Wrist Rocket is a small, portable, and powerful weapon.


This weapon is a small, but strong weapon. It has 2 flexible-plastic-bands so you can attach it to your wrist and is filled with one small but explosive Rocket. It may have short range but it makes up for it!

Alternate modesEdit


All of the Wrist Rocket's power is focused on turning itself, and the user invisbile. However, it cannot fire in this mode.


The Wrist Rocket permanently powers down, making it unable to shoot, and basically just turns into extra weight for the user.


The Wrist Rocket's power functions into a 'beam' mode where a constant, long stream of laser is shot out of it. However, it also generates great heat for most around it.


The Wrist Rocket automatically turns the rocket around, facing the back of the Wrist Rocket, so that once shot, the Wrist Rocket completely explodes in a wide area, also turnning the high tech device into rubble.


  • James.
  • soon to come a lot of other people.

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