Varralia Vezu (Legal name: Varralion Vezu) is a Dragoneer and Imaginaught.

History Edit

Not much was disclosed about Varralia's history until later.

Appearance Edit

  • Hair is Brown with dark blue steaks
  • Light skin.
  • Very attractive.

Personality Edit

Varralia's original concept was a very friendly and willing character, which evolved into slightly more hardened character. Varralia, before meeting Goldas, went through relationships very quickly.

Varallia Dragoon

The Dragoon beloinging to Varralia

Abilities Edit

As a dragonner, her ranged weapons tactics are very precise. She is known to hi targets on the other side of the world with her Dragoon. Also, she has brilliant knife skills, and as part of her training, she can run fast fast, and do ridiculous feats of acrobatics. Her magical alignment is Water/Ice.