Dethmoria the vampire

Vampires are creatures who have a natural blood deficiancy, as well as very sensitive skin. Vampires burn easily in sunlight, and so avoid sunlight. Vampires drink blood in order to increase their supply around their body. Vampires constant use of Darkness magic in order to get the blood is the cause of both their sensitive skin and their blood deficancy, as well as genetic conditions. If a Vampire and a non-vampire have a child, the mother will become a vampire if not one already and the baby will be a vampire.

Methods of execution Edit

Vampires are naturally very powerful. The first way to kill them is to set them on fire. Their skin will burn away and generally they will fall apart. The second way is to remove or sevearly damage either their brain or their heart (common ways are decaptitation or impalement).

Appearance Edit

  • Skin which is light. Grey to light pink.
  • Generally bloodshot eyes
  • Less red everywhere else. Vampires normally wear lipstick to hide their grey lips.
  • Grey clothing