Vain's suit is a power suit created by Vain out of either Light or Darkness.

Light SuitEdit

Hardly anyone has seen this suit because Vain only uses it in his realm of darkness, it is said that it is so powerful that if Vain puts on this suit and punches the air, it could rip the very fabric of time and space, Vain is training at his best to control its unlimited power

Dark SuitEdit

Only the Imaginaughts (current and ex) have seen this suit, it is nowhere near as powerful as the Light suit but this suits known powers are:

  1. Even more control of Darkness
  2. Closing portals to other dimensions
  3. Sending a massive shock wave of air by punching
  4. All of users attributes increased x50
  5. Possession of someones body (not mind, can only be resisted by those of an extremely strong will)
  6. Can absorb x20 more energy than Vain can normally

Dual Suit Edit

There are Rumors that Vain has created a suit made of both light AND Darkness, but this has never been confirmed.

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