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    Panda here, with another Update blog (If i remember properly and i have already made a update blog before), and some news.

    I realise i have been gone for a long time, and in my opinion, a bit too long. However, it cannot be helped, i feel like i've lost my will to publicly share my creativity for a while. Still, i'd like to not completely leave Imaginaughts. If i remember, which i will try hard to, i'll be checking around the wikia at the least, once a week. 

    I also realise i have left some unfinished business on this wikia, due to my absence. I've gotten y'all worked up for FoD, commonly saying "Just one more day, and it'll be done!". When i say that, i'm saying it more to myself than anybody else, because i want to finish it. It's kind of a…

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  • Pandaboy2

    Update 1.0

    November 21, 2012 by Pandaboy2

    Well, Nexter here with a Update blog...Hey, what's that? O_o Yeah yeah, i've already said one update. Nexter is my alias...Not just my character, my Alias. I use it as a account name for any forums i join, or any games. (Minecraft is an example: My name on there is "NexterHexter" ) Aaaand i decided i'd just let you guys know that. Please call me Nex now- you can still call me Panda, Pandaboy, or PB if you wish, buuut i'd prefer Nex or Nexter, considering that's what i'm used to responding to now. :D

    As you guys likely know, Forces of Darkness is my main project on this wiki, and i change it a lot. :/ Well, i got some ideas for it...

    I'm gonna re-write it completely. Too much grammar mistakes, bad spelling, plot holes, etc. So far i've only r…

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  • Pandaboy2

    Um.... Am i alone?

    May 24, 2012 by Pandaboy2

    Hmm.... I may have done little editing, but that is because i'm not sure if i'm only editing a single-manned wiki. Are you guys here? Are we a dying wiki? Is School in the way? are we to obsessive on Minecraft? Come ON! Pull yourselves together people!

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  • Pandaboy2

    Ok, ok. I got Minecraft. I love it. Oops, sorry, i misspelled that. i LOVE it. Best game ever. Next to Starcraft II. Lol. Anways, to the point.

    Ok, yeah. I was lucky i didn't find it out first. I was watching my Bro. play Minecraft, and he found a Creeper. He attacked it in a frenzy (he didn't have a Sword yet), and then we saw it. BOOM. Good thing he wasn't fighting it inside his little cave. It was right outside. That was one small crater considering the Creeper contained TNT. Lol. They explode? News to me. Ever since then, i have put mine on Peaceful. Any suggestions for preperations before i put it on Normal again? Any advice?

    Not sure i spelled that right. Lol. y'know how there are exclamations next to the Minecraft logo in the menu? I …

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  • Pandaboy2


    April 2, 2012 by Pandaboy2

    K guys. Forces of Darkness is nearly done. And i have decided to annouce the next story after it. It will be called "Forces of Darkness: The Twilight Sword". It reveals a fierce sword that was hidden deep underground because of it's power. Quale secretly knew about it all along, and his burning taste for vengeance has led him into an unknown 2 man team. Quale, and Nathan, his long forgotten brother, who has been poisoned with lies by Quale and devloped a bloodthirsty hatred for James and Co. Will the heroes be able to stop the 2 man team from getting vengeance, and stop the deep power of the legendary 'Twilight Sword'? Find out once Forces of Darkness had ended!

    And, the series Forces of Darkness is in is called "Imaginaughts: Unity", becau…

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