55.1% 51% 49.4% of the articles are stubs. That's almost HALF!!! I'm changing my primary focus to improving all of my stubs, everyone is welcome to join. I would strongly recommend that before you create that awesome new character you were thinking about, you go and add some more to your stub articles. PB2, I'm not shure if you have stubs... but if you don't just work on your smallest articles. I haven't even finished reading Forces of Darkness yet, I'm only on chapter 5. :P

UPDATE: YAY! We now have less than 50% stubs! Goal: Less than 25%

--Mocha2007 | Talk| Blog | Fun Fact: We are seeing the Andromeda galaxy as it was over 2 and a half million years ago.

23:02, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

PS. You can see all of the stubs here.

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