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    The Silent Flood

    November 26, 2015 by Mocha2007andcoco

    I have made a few minor edits to articles. Mostly grammatical, but sometime stylistic. There's about a 40% chance of my return, so... do with that what you will.

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  • Mocha2007andcoco

    Yes, I've been inactive. Well, not exactly. I've been making small edits here and there, but nothing special. I've mostly been working on my own wiki, so I've neglected to update this one. I've cleaned up some of the dust today, but my current plans for my pages are not as intensive as they were. I'll still be here, editing, but not nearly as much, and it'll mostly be in the background, in the long pipe system of wikia.

    GF0, if you don't mind, I'll hand over my pages to you. Feel free to change whatever you want on them. I've transferred the important Mochadian stuff to my wiki.

    And don't freak out, I'm not resigning or anything, I'm just not going to be as active as I was.


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  • Mocha2007andcoco


    January 30, 2013 by Mocha2007andcoco

    I'm fairly sure everyone can see that little bubble in the corner of your screen (Bottom-right if you can't find it), and we have the choice of joining one of three "Alliances". Fortunately I could use the mochafiction wiki as a guinea pig to see how it works.

    Fortunately, we don't have to choose just one. We can choose any combination we want. And I see Goldas hasn't seen yet, so... voting starts now.

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  • Mocha2007andcoco

    I've decided to finally give it a name:

    "Mochadian Systems, Incorporated".

    Plotline has been extended just a few minutes, but the main purpose of this update is for...


    That's right, before all you could hear was the chewing of a pear and several creaks, now it's got a noise for almost EVERYTHING!

    Here's the opening logo:


    So, I think this is Alpha 1.2 now. Not sure.




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  • Mocha2007andcoco

    I was considering using the breve for "W" and "Y" ish sounds.

    Currently, Yellow is Eεlo. The reader would have to assume the E is short.

    World is spelled Üld. Again, the reader would have to assume the Ü is short.

    However, I could spell them with breves:

    "Ĕεlo or ĕεlo"

    "Ǚld or ǚld"

    However, there are some issues:

    1. It looks like the Caron. (Ex. Caron: Ě Breve: Ĕ)

    2. There is no unicode equivelent of Ǚ with a breve instead of a caron.

    3. Ǚ looks like U with a small x above it.

    What do you think? Is it worth adding a new letter?


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