Yup. Im thinking of creating a new series whithin IW. But not new chars or anything like that. It will be the first major re-skin of the wiki. The colour sceme will be changed to orange and black, and it will detail IW's darkest story yet.

The idea is that when Goldas discovers that he has a mystical force inside him, The Ember, he realises what this means. Earth is doomed to a fate worse than what he prevented in Dawn of the Apocalypse. The ember is a mystical energy that will grant major power to Earth and the Rift ripper, by supercharging it. I will reveal how to make the RR, so you metalsmiths at home can make it. Goldas will take the rest of the Imaginaughts with him to save earth before Raven can get his dirty mitts on it.

I will be working on the logo for it. Mocha, I will entrust you to make it look better, and change the main page when I say so! PB2, I entrust that you will try to spread the work about IW faster than the Black Saturday bushfires swarmed over Victoria, Australia.

When this new story is revealed, you wish it hadent. Oh, you may want the name. Look out for more blog posts!

Imaginaughts - Rise of the Ember

Hey guys. Made the picture.

Rise of the ember

The logo for RotE

Yup. Its kinda low quality, but hey, I was rushed. Its 2 golden curves with 4 tails each, with a glowing red ball in the middle.

Thanks! Golden Flame Zero 07:50, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

Hey guys. Noticed anything strange about the wiki recently? Yup. I changed the theme to reflect rise of the ember. I am serious. So, now, RoTE has started, although slowly, it is staarting to work. Guys, be prepared to start adding storyline to your charecters to reflect RoTE. Thanks! Golden Flame Zero 03:35, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

Hey guys, me again. Made a promotional poster.

RotE promote

The poster.

Feel free to spread copies around. Oh, and the release date is the 1/12/2011!

Thanks! Golden Flame Zero 08:05, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

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