Hi guys. Its a message from me, GF0. Sorry I was away from the wiki recently. I skyrim was skyrim distracted skyrim. Anyway, Cristmas/new year is just around the corner, so this is what we need to do to polish up this wiki.

  1. fix stubs.
  2. make a tag/category/template which, when tagged on a page, means anyone can edit it.
  3. Thicken out your plotlines. Add chars, places, objects, stories ectetera
  4. finish off those elements pages!
  5. Make an Elemental lord page for each individual element
  6. tidy up ye olde pages. ( coff coff main page coff coff)
  7. Make the picture on the main page have a santa hat!
  8. make more tags.
  9. Invite new users
  10. promote users....wait, thats my job
  11. change the background
  12. Dont make any apocalypse stories. Jeez, im worried already.
  13. Make up some random mash-up words.
  14. Thicken out those alternate languages
  15. Add more courses to the Aef curriculum
  16. Finish all stories
  17. Find an international time which we can all agree to. (im thinking Tokyo time)
  18. (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. ONLY DO IF YOU CAN) make an actual Imaginaughts vidieogame.

I will delete cross out anything that has been done. If all these are done by Cristmas, then that will be an amazing present to all of us. When something might come up, I may have to add to the list. If we cant make this list before Xmas, then the goal will be set at new years.

Thanks! Golden Flame Zero 23:45, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

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