Hey guys...I don't even know whos here anymore. Maybe a couple of people just passing through. I doubt Nexter of Mocha, or anyone else, is still on. I tend to make a strong case for edit escalation, if one person does something, everyone else does something. Its just how it works.

But on the other hand, I ain't doing anything. But let me tell you why. I'm preparing for an Imaginaughts game, and considering this might be a source of income for me and a couple other people, I can't have too much of this information out in the public. Someone's gonna steal it. Something I started 3 or so years ago might end up getting me into trouble. That being said, having a crapload of assets on Google Drive is getting confusing and cluttered. The wiki is much better for this sort of thing.

But I suppose its time for me to reintruduce myself, then. Hi, my name is Michael, and I go by the handle of Golden_Flame_Zero (or one of its varients). I'm a student, hoping to eventually become a writer for what will become Imaginaughts. And this ginat burial ground was once the universe I was putting together, untill I decided to reboot it completly. You can see a bit of that on Aef's page, its been completly redone.

If you wish to use this website, please keep the following in mind. I'm no legal expert, i'm not sure how binding this little contract is, but take it into consideration. I'll start bashing people with interlectual copyright law hammers if anything happens.

  1. This stuff belongs to whoever wrote it (That being, the original and major editor of any page. Page creators fall under this as well). Full freaking stop. Unless given direct permission by the author, you may not use, redistribute, repackage, ect, any part of it. I'm acessable using the twitter handle @GoldenFlameZero if you need to contact me about any of this.
  2. An exception to the above: Any information on this site can be repackaged and reused by me. I'm not going to, but if people argue about who owns what, I decide.
  3. Follow the rules of the site. Its on the front page.
  4. You will be removed from this site if you are deemed vioating any of our IP policy. And I help decide that.
  5. This is subject to being edited any any time without further warning.
  6. You may use this information freely inside this site. Like, fanfiction and stuff. Yeah.
  7. Any further questions may be directed at me.

I might add more later. I think I've missed something. Oh well.

Gold Out! Tag:Golden Flame Zero. Imaginaughts! 01:59, October 25, 2014 (UTC)

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