After a very breif look on CBW, something came to me. Like a pang of inspration. It came to me. I was wondering how I could attract more people to the wiki, with little money involved. A contest, one which you must make some form of advertisement for the wiki. A vid, a banner or something like that would be best. Spread it around. Those who make the best and most popular advertisements will get the prize of being able to make a bunch of administerative pages, and if you can get 100 users by that banner, I will award berucratship. I will also give that person exculsive rights, and.....wait for it.....if there is an advertisement which generates a high group of popularity, that person will gain the right to write the unincyclopedia and wikipedia articles about the wiki!

I will also judge on how awesome it looks. Awesomeness = Clicks.

How to enter

Make a page titled "Advertisement: (ad name)" with the category "advertisement". Add on it where you have placed the ad, as well as a copy of said ad, and your name. Then notificate me via either my email at, my talk page, or in responce to this blog.


If this wiki gets to 200 pages, I will request for a spotlight, and that will also count, towards me.

The end date is the 20th of october, 2011, at 3:30PM This will give you plenty of time.

Please enter. We need more users. Thanks! Golden Flame Zero 09:46, September 6, 2011 (UTC)

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