Hey guys, and I know what you are thinking "why another blog so close to you last one?" Glad you asked, its to raise awareness for the supported wikis. This is what you guys all should have a look at. Its a copy of a box on the main page.

Supported wikis.

These wikis each have a creative element, and should be treated in the same way as IW!

Custom minecraft wiki, my 2nd wiki!

Plants vs Zomies charecter creator, for all you PvZ fans!

Custom Bionicle wiki, for those custom bionicle fans!

Let Golden_Flame0 know if you want your wiki on the list.

Yup. Please support each and every one of these wikis. Join them! Contribute! All creative wikis should be supported by the other creative wikis.

Thats all from me now. Ciao (thats "bye" in Italian).

Golden Flame Zero 06:55, August 13, 2011 (UTC)

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