Hey guys. Its Golden_Flame zero here, just sittin' here, being bored. First, a few user mentions:

  • Congrats Pandaboy2 on starting up a new sub-plot! For each user there should be a sub-plot, and in each sub-plot there can be more sub-plots. A sub-sub-plot, if you will.
  • A shout out to my good friend, Ub3r leech, for adding a more angels/demons feel to the main story. Raven was a good friend of Goldas before the war of Heaven and Hell. He hasn't revealed anything about the war.....yet, but stay tuned.

Next, a few notices

  • Would the user who heavily Griefed the Light/Dark blade by adding lots of "sni" words please stop that. Thankyou.
    • P.S,: snisnisnisnisnisnissni

Thats all from me now. Bai

Golden Flame Zero 03:22, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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