Unity arrow

A unity arrow.

Unity Arrow is a spell that creates a bow and arrow of the Unity element. It is created when four or more people of different elements combine their magic and give that combined magic to another person of an again different element. If there are not enough people of different elements, then 10 of the same element will also do the trick. The more people with more varied elements, the stronger the arrow. Once, all the students at Aef created a Unity arrow with Goldas firing the arrow. That arrow had enough power to destroy a solar system. The arrow was fired at a regenerating Elemental Lord of Darkness, instantly (and temporarily) killing him. However, a single unity arrow created by George, Nick, Targ and Tivic, and shot by Goldas weakened the ELoD severely.

All unity arrows look different, but they all have a golden colour and glow.


  • It is considered one of the most powerful weapons in existence, and one often used by the Imaginaughts.
  • Its only hindrance is that it can be only shot one in a period of five minutes.
  • Chuck Norris is the only human known to have survived a unity arrow.
  • It is possible that the light arrows used in the Legend of Zelda games are a form of unity arrow. This is unconfirmed.
  • The bow is created by waving one's arm down, then the string appears, the person pulls down on the string, and fires.
  • The unity arrow is known to have actually been used against Goldas, but he resurrected himself.