Trydon location

The location of Trydon

Trydon is a mountain island on Aef. It is the home of Hot-Shot, Blade, Electro, Phase, Xavior, and many more. It is also a training facility, mainly for ESIT, but also for the Imaginaughts.

Geographical info Edit

Trydon was originally a volcanic Island near roughly the centre of where Aef's power generator is now. Once volcanic activity stopped, it was used for various espionage groups before eventually being adopted by ESIT. Because of the friendship between James and Goldas, the Imaginaughts began training there and learning from one another, Vain, due to his experience, tended to teach the others, especially with the experience he got from training with the Assassins. This is where Vain adopted his role as teacher.

Trydon was moved in order for the great power generator to be built.

Facilities Edit

Archery Room Edit

This room contains a set of 15 targets, 15 training bows, and 1000 training arrows.

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