Time, space, and dimension are linked.

First off, space, a single universe. There are galaxies, which have various stars, which each have a solar system, which each have planets. Each planet may or may not have rings or moons. Then there are back holes (death pits) and wormholes (blackholes which, instead of killing you, teleport you). Finally, there are bits of everything mentioned floating around. We know most about space compared to the other 2 factors.

Time is the various forms of a universe through time, down to an 10(to the power of 20 million zillion billion) of a nanosecond, maybe even further. To each universe there is no beginning or end via time, rather it acts like a loop, repeating itself. Some parts of that may be different, some exactly the same (which is higly unlikely). Time is comprised of the past, present and future. The future is the biggest, as it can go on infinitely. The past is the second biggest, as it has a limit of the back of it (the beginning of time). The present is the shortest, as it comprises an inifinitely small moment. Stopping time is literally impossible, as whatever you do in that stopped time will also be recoreded in time.

Dimensions are various universes and their respective time record. Each consists in rings of dimensions, which travel ina cirtain way, clockwise, or such. Moving against the dimensional current is extreamly hard compared to moving with it. Rings can overlap, as such, it is possible to jump from one ring to another, but that in itself is extreamly hard. Each ring of dimensions does not nessicarily have to be shaped like a ring, it could be shaped as absolutely any shape that loops itself.

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