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The Elemental Lords

The Snowflake, or Great power Talisman, is a the most powerful object in the univerce. It has complete connection to all things and the eight Elemental Lords. It is currently held by Goldas Arenian.

History Edit

The snowflake came into being when the Elemental Lords wanted to restrain The Eternal Sphere. It was created as a sort of "latch" which could stop the univerce form expanding while Klael went around absorbing darkness and correcting the wrongs. However, Klael went corrupt, not only taking huge chunks out of the place, but destroying the centre of the snowflake. It folded in on itself and became a small talisman, albeit with a connection between all eight Lords. Ren and Bionis came in to cultivate a set of planets where The Snowflake would later give rise to a peoples able to defeat Klael. After a huge war The Snowflake landed on Earth, where it sped up evolution and gave rise to humankind.

More to be added.

Powers Edit

As the Snowflake has complete connections between all eight elements, the user has a high mastery over magic.

Ultimate FormEdit

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The ability to create ultimate forms is largely taken from the Snowflake. The snowflake is one of the few things able to susain enough Mana to hold the forms.

Snowflake Transformation Edit

The Snowflake Transformation is one of the most powerful transformations of all time, giving its user the most energy capable to any mortal or god. It creates the Snowflake Symbol on the user's back, and gives them great power.

Gallery Edit

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