The Shadow Triad is a group of the 3 most powerful Shadow Users; Nick MymeRaven and Vain "The Impaler" Vezu.


(and now quotes from when they first started the triad)

"why do you even want to save the planet?? i thought you were evil!" Nick said

"uhh if the planet is destroyed..i cant take over it....duh!" Raven replied

Nick and Raven started shouting at each other while Vain just watched

"i swear if we are the only hope Aef has...God help us all...." Vain said as he saw the other 2 both pull out their weapons

Vain walked over and used his shadow to flick the others into a wall

"meeting over!" Vain said as he grabbed Nick and disappeared

"What!? Just gonna ditch me!?" Raven said

Vain reappeared and grabbed Raven

"Stop whining you wuss" Vain said as he teleported Raven back to hell


These are the members of the shadow tirad..the leader has not been decided but will be chosen after a game of rock, paper, scissors, blie, pock.

Nick Myme

Vain "The Impaler" Vezu


these 3 have stopped many threats, even though Vain and Raven are technically rivals, they have both agreed to put the safety of the plant first

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