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Written by Pandaboy2, Edited by Mocha

"Ugh! Sometimes it takes FOREVER to think of something else to create!” Pandaboy said to himself while he was trying to think of something else to create in the Imaginaughts world. Then he felt a nip on his leg. Pandaboy looked down and saw it was his cat Sparky. Then Pandaboy got up, picked up Sparky, and then said "You want food?” Then while the cat was in his arms it gave a hungrily sounding hiss then pointed its paw at the jar on the shelf next to Sparky's bowl. Pandaboy walked over to the jar labeled 'Cat Food' then put some of it into the bowl. Sparky then jumped out of Pandaboy's grasp and started munching. Pandaboy sat back down in the chair, and picked up his notebook where he kept his ideas. He opened the notepad and got a pencil from his pocket. Then he thought he should make a new story and call it 'Forces of Darkness'. He started thinking vigorously for the plot, but then he looked out the window and saw a figure in all-black clothing. Then it was running towards Pandaboy's house. He instantly thought it was nothing because of all the thought he was running on trying to think of Forces of Darkness's plot. He sat back down on his chair and started jotting down ideas. However, then after about 40 seconds of jotting down ideas, he saw the exact same guy he saw out of the window running towards him right now. Before Pandaboy could do anything the person quickly jumped on Pandaboy and pinned him to the ground. Then again, before Pandaboy could even struggle, the person got a small rope and tied up Pandaboy's arms and legs. And one more time, before Pandaboy could ask who the man was or yell for help the man got a donut off of the side-table next to both of them and stuffed it in Pandaboy's mouth. And at that moment the phone rang. The man let go of Pandaboy, then walked towards the phone. The man picked up the phone and turned it on speaker. Then they both heard the voice of the person calling. It was Golden Flame. "Hey Pandaboy! Got any new ideas yet?" then Pandaboy tried to reply with a yell of "HELP!" but he couldn't. Instead the captor said with a sort of casual voice "No, not yet. Actually, I was just thinking of one." then Golden Flame answered "Hey Pandaboy are you sick or something? Your voice sounds kind of weird." then Pandaboy finally completely ate the donut and splerted out hoping Golden Flame could hear him "GF! ITS ME! PANDABOY! THIS GUY CAME IN AN-" then the captor tackled Pandaboy and took Pandaboy's socks off and shoved them into Pandaboys mouth, then duct-taped the socks into his mouth and said loud and clear to Pandaboy "COOPERATE OR IM GONNA GIVE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS A NICE BEATING!" and then it turned quiet. Golden Flame broke the silence by saying through the phone "What are you up to, whoever you are?!?!", "Don't worry Pandaboy I'm coming! And I'll bring M-" then the captor unplugged the telephone before Golden Flame could finish and then he picked Pandaboy up and ran through the front door. Pandaboy was surprised that he didn't see the black van in his yard.


Chapter 1: The ImaginaughtsEdit

Then, as the captor was taking Pandaboy to the van, the captor yelled in pain, "YEEEEOOW!" and then he looked down and saw Sparky biting the captors leg. The captor then threw his leg upwards and the cat easily lost grip and flew for a short time. Then the captor ran with Pandaboy to the car and drove off quickly. Pandaboy looked out the window back at his house, expecting to see Sparky there with his giant eyes, but he didn't see any sign of a cat around the house. Then, Pandaboy noticed something. He looked downwards at his leg and he saw a cat hanging onto his leg. It was Sparky gnawing on the rope around Pandaboy's legs! Pandaboy smiled and then looked upwards with his most worried look he could use. And the captor saw that look and smirked "Feisty cat you got there Pete. He likes biting. I'm guessing you haven't taught him manners yet!" and Pandaboy tried to reply, but he couldn't. Then, at that moment he felt something on his legs. It was the rope falling to the ground! And at that sight Pandaboy made motions with his feet that told the cat to attack the captor once they came to a stop. But as he was doing that, they came to a stop next to an abandoned shed and the captor said "Okay! Now move!" and with that Pandaboy moved. But so did Sparky. Towards the captor. And before Pandaboy could get out of the car, he heard the captor yet again, yell in tremendous pain, "YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOW!" as Sparky bit exactly the same spot as last time. Then as the captor tried to take care of Sparky, Pandaboy noticed a sharp spot on the fence surrounding the shed. He ran to the fence, lifted his arms up, and cut the rope tying his hands together. He then ran to the van, shoved the captor away, grabbed Sparky, and drove away. "Sparky... you are the best!"

17 minutes later...

Then, as Pandaoby drove up to the house, he saw a car parked next to his house. It was Golden Flame's car. Pandaboy rushed inside the house and when he did, he saw Golden Flame and Mocha looking around the living-room. "Whatcha looking for?" Pandaboy asked, as he walked in the room, "Pandaboy. He was captured by someone and we are looking for-" then Golden Flame turned around, stopped talking, and opened his mouth with amazement. "YOU RASCAL!" Golden Flame shouted at Pandaboy "How did you escape? Where did the captor take you? Where's Sparky? Did the captor have buddies?" the questions FLEW out of Golden Flame's mouth but then Mocha interrupted before Golden Flame could ask anymore, "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!" Mocha shouted inquisitively, "I was taken to an abandoned shed. Sparky sneaked into the van without either of us noticing and he helped me escape, and as you can see if you look out the window, I took the captors van back with me as a ride home.", said Pandaboy. Both Mocha and GF were silent. But then Mocha broke that silence and said "Well, you would think that he would be coming back to get you so what are you going to do now?" "Wait a second..." Pandaboy said "I remember my captor’s voice... and he sounded like Quale... but if it was, how could he have gotten in the real world?" and yet again, silence. "How he got here doesn't matter right now. Its why he’s here that matters!" GF said as he walked towards the refrigerator for water. "And anyway, out of all the places he would take you, why an abandoned shed!?" Pandaboy sat down. “I know that look on your face..." Mocha said as he sat down with Pandaboy "what's the plan?" GF then took a big slurp of water then said "really, what’s the plan?" then Pandaboy got up and said "Simple. I'll get captured again."

Chapter 2: The PlanEdit

"What?!" Mocha asked in confusement. "I’m going to act like I’m on just on a walk around the neighborhood and I will let him capture me and he'll lead me right to his team and after he brings me there, and he basically introduces me to his team, I’ll get out and run for it. And when Quale took me there, I noticed a small complex of alley's that I could lose em' in. Simple." Pandaboy replied and when he look at GF and Mocha's faces, they were astonished. "Oh, come on guys! It'll work! Why don't you trust me for once?" then GF smiled slowly "so when are you going to go on your walk?" "In enough time for you and Mocha to fill up your car with gas. You guys are going to secretly tail Quale and I."

35 minutes later...

then GF's car slowly came back into the drive-way of Pandaboy's house and GF unrolled his window and said "k, me and Mocha are ready." then Pandaboy nodded and then took his MP3 Player out and then plugged it in his ears and said "I got to make it look more casual." And then he skipped most of his songs then set it on Replay when it was on Lemonade (by Chris Rice) and then he walked out of the drive-way and started walking on the side-walk. And then Mocha kept his gaze on Pandaboy waiting for him to disappear. And then after 2 minutes had passed and Pandaboy was walking past a bush, someone reached out of the bush and pulled him in. And Mocha said "Now".


"Get in!" Quale commanded Pandaboy as they ran up to a black van. Then when they got in, Quale tied Pandaboy's arms and legs to the chair he was sitting on and he put duct-tape on Pandaboy's mouth. "I don't you napping complaints this time!" and then they drove off the road, in to the grass, and broke down a fence and kept going. "I'm not going to let your friends follow me, smartsy." and at that moment Pandaboy's mind filled with panic. What if I can't escape this time? How did he know the plan?. But Pandaboy really had no clue. Then Pandaboy looked up, out of his window and saw that they were in the forest, stopping. "Now get out!" then Quale got back to Pandaboy's seat and untied him, then took him out of the car, then tied his arms, and legs to a tree and said "you guys can come out now!" and then Pandaboy saw Jeff and Tidalwave come out of the bushes and Tidalwave asked "So are 'Golden Flame' and 'Mocha' coming yet? I’m sick of fighting more and more 'good guys'!" then Quale answered "it’s fine, they should be coming any time soon so we should be getting in the trees and the bushes now. They will want to help Pandaboy but then we will capture them too. Making it so that we could beat James and Goldas and King Mochadius and take over Mochadia! It’s easy! Once the creators are down we are up!" and then the three of them disappeared in some bushes and trees. But then Pandaboy heard a car motor getting louder and louder and then he saw GF's car coming into sight and he also saw Mocha inside the car pointing right at Pandaboy so GF slowed down the car and both of them got out, but before they could reach Pandaboy, a grappling hook caught Mocha and tugged him towards a tree, and a sort of big wave hit GF into another one. Then both of them got tied on the trees, and Quale came over and un-gagged Pandaboy and then Quale strode into the middle of the three trees and said "Now we outta go. We have some 'Heroes' to defeat. Bye now!" and then Jeff, Quale, and Tidalwave, ran off. And then Mocha said "so.... I guess we're going to be stuck here for a long time." "I should have brought my camping knife with me!" GF exclaimed. "You guys got it all wrong." Pandaboy remarked "GF, you have a perfect connection with Goldas so, you contact him with your mind. Mocha, do the same with King Mochadius. And I will contact Nexter and James. We all know them perfectly so they will warn their friends and stuff. And you guys know what that will end up in. An all-out battle of Good and Bad."

Chapter 3: The CallingEdit

" me!" Goldas looked up from his work. "I promise I heard something. Now, where was I? Oh yes, dividing atoms." "You really need to stop talking to yourself" George smirked. Then the two Imaginaughts heard it again. "Goldas....George.....Help me!" Goldas set up a telepathic link with GF. "Golden, what’s wrong?" "Mocha PB and I are all tied up to trees!" GF exclaimed. "We were all trapped by some of PB's evil creations!". "Not good." George muttered. "Guys!" GF mind-yelled. "Get the rest of the Imaginaughts and help us!" "Will do" George and Goldas said at the same time.

Nick, Tivic, Targ, Varral, Varralion and Marcus were all in the training area when George and Goldas ran in. "Guys!" Goldas puffed "GF is in trouble!" "Okay..." Nick said in his usual dark tone. "'HIDDEN GRIM AIDER TECNIQUE! DARK SHADOW TELEPORT!' Then the Imaginaughts all teleported to the forest where the creators were being held captive.

"So....what happened?" Marcus asked. GF, Mocha and PB were all freed from their bonds. "A bunch of my creations, Quale and the like, came and kidnapped me, then trapped the rest of us." Pandaboy2 stated. "Yeah." Mocha put in. "GF and I were chasing after the captives and then....we were captured".

Then Nexter and James ran up to the group and said "ok. So Pandaboy acted like he was on a walk then Quale captured him and took him here. Like Pandaboy expected. Then heard their plan. To capture all three 'creators' and take over the Imagiworld. And so far, it worked." then Goldas asked "did Pandaboy really tell you it that detailed?" "Yes." Pandaboy answered "got a problem with that?" Goldas shrugged. Then Nick said "girls, girls." then he did it again. "'HIDDEN GRIM AIDER TECNIQUE! DARK SHADOW TELEPORT!" and then the group found themselves in what looked like a normal forest. But then a Matrix came up. Then another. More kept coming and coming. "Let’s run." James said "Agreed." Nexter added with no hesitation. And then the group found themselves running away from what looked like a herd of Matrix. Goldas and George threw some lightning bolts to slow the herd down, but to no avail. Then finally Nexter took out a Wrist Rocket and put it on his arm. And then Goldas said as he kept running "so you had this the whole time?!" but Nexter ignored him and started shooting backwards while running. The group kept hearing Matrix yelling, or the sound of Matrix jumping the side to avoid a shot. Then finally they heard war-cries from behind them. But the group just ran faster. That was until the sound of Matrix's feet pounding on the ground behind them was gone. Then James turned back. So did Goldas, Nexter, Targ, and Mocha. Just to start to run as fast as everyone possibly could. Those weren't War Cries. They were menacing Roars from Behemoth. Slowly Behemoth got closer, and closer, to the group. But finally, GF saw something ahead. It was Mochadia. "Guys!" GF and Goldas said simultaneously, almost like it was one person speaking. "Mochadia! Up ahead!"

Written by Golden-Flame-0 and, Pandaboy2...

Chapter 4: The City of MochadiaEdit

The group settled down in a Park just inside of Mochadia. Most of them were panting. Then Pandaboy said "Wow. I do know that the Matrix and Behemoth were meant to be, dangerous and stuff, but I never thought they'd put my life in danger." Then the group heard something. It was an explosion and a tree tumbling down. Then another explosion. And another. Each one was getting louder and louder. More and more trees kept tumbling down nearly 3 seconds after each explosion. Then James said without looking back "I guess Hornet really wants to get rid of us." Then Targ said "I say we run." And Goldas said "I agree. Let’s get out of here." And then the group got up from their benches and ran for the gate leading out of the park. But then as soon as they were almost there, another explosion sounded, followed by a clump of trees tumbling down, blocking the gate. The group stopped abruptly to not be crushed by the clump of trees. And then Nexter saw a Rocket from a Wrist Rocket flying towards him and him quickly dived to his side just in time. Then Nexter shouted "GET COVER!" then he pulled out his own Wrist Rocket and dived behind a fallen tree just as a razor sharp strip of water cut the air where he was standing. James took out his Energy Mace that was strapped to his back and he leaped up in the air and twisted, as a Rocket missed him by milometers, and did a front-flip in the air and landed safely on his feet. Then he leaped in a recently made Crater that was made by a Rocket. But then Pandaboy said "I'm going' after them!" then he started sprinting towards where the shots were coming from. But then GoldenFlame said "I’m coming with you!" and instantly Mocha said "So am I!" and then they both joined, at Pandaboys heels. Then a rocket was shot strait at Mocha, and Mocha quickly sidestepped to his side. Then GoldenFlame slid on the ground, letting a Rocket fly strait over him and he quickly used his momentum to do a front-flip up, and continued his sprint. And then another Rocket went flying towards Pandaboy and then he spun sideways a little bit and grabbed the rocket, and threw it back at the shooter, all in one quick motion. And then GoldenFlame heard something behind him. It was James, Goldas, Nexter, and the rest of the group. He just kept running. And then they reached where the shots were coming from. They were about 4 yards away. But then an explosion sounded. And a tree started slowly crumbling down, covering the entrance. But then Pandaboy nodded to Mocha and GoldenFlame. Then the 3 of them all slid at the same time, barely making it past the tree. But the rest of the group had to stop. Mocha, Pandaboy, and GoldenFlame got up, and then Mocha said "Now to find them." and then they moved forward a little bit, but then something hit Pandaboy in the head, causing him to fall, unconscious. And then a grappling hook from ground level tugged on Mocha's feet, and he fell hard on the ground, leaving a large bruise on his head, and making him unconscious. And finally a large wave pushed GoldenFlame back and he hit a tree, hard, falling unconscious.

"PANDABOY?! GOLDEN?! MOCHA?!" Nexter yelled at the other side of the fallen tree. then Goldas said "stand back..." and then the rest of the group stood back, as he said. And then Goldas said "GOLDEN FLAME NOVA BLAST!!!" and then the tree broke into 5 pieces. The group walked in, looking for any signs of Mocha or any of the Creators. Then James sat down near some dirt and said "this is wet. It had to have been Tidalwave." And then Varrolion pointed out "these footprints look like theirs. And there is a shape of a figure on the ground right here." and the group came to a conclusion; the Creators were captured.

Chapter 5: The RescueEdit

Pandaboy opened his eyes. He looked around and he saw himself in his home, with his pet cat, Sparky, in his lap. He couldn't recall what had happened several minutes ago, but he started petting his cat. But then the cat looked up, its eyes filled with fire. And Pandaboy saw a small reflection in the fire of a herd of Matrix sprinting at something. And every once-in-awhile an explosion happened in it. And then he said "uhhh.... Sparky..... what happened to you?!" but almost as an answer, the ground started shacking. Then the middle of his room collapsed and a wormhole started to suck everything out of his room. Then a stream of fire came out of Sparky's eyes strait into the wormhole. Then his desk turned into a puddle. And then everything started to fade, like he was being teleported. But then he found himself in a medium-sized room, with his arms, and legs tied up. He noticed it was a dream. Then he noticed that a cloth was tied around his mouth. He looked around, still with his memories fuzzy. He saw 2 sleeping cats lying next to him on the floor with some kind of toy next to their arms and legs. Then they slowly transformed into a knocked-out Mocha and GF, with their arms and legs tied. Then Pandaboy noticed a stinging pain on his right hand. He looked at it, and there was a large cut covering it. But he did not recall how it happened. He tried to forget about it but as much as he tried, it still stung. Then the door opened and Quale came in and said "Wakey, wakey!" and then Pandaboy saw Golden Flame’s and Mocha's eyes slowly flicker open. Then Quale walked over to Mocha and kicked him in the stomach. Pandaboy say a flicker of pain and fatigue crossed Mocha's face. "How well have your 'creations' helped you now?", Quale joked. Then Jeff came in and said "Quale, what’s taking you so long? We should be taking care of those 'heroes' by now." Then the 2 of them walked out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

Hot-Shot ran behind a trash bin for cover, and as he did, a large wave slammed into where he was just standing. He quickly shot 3 fire-balls at Tidalwave who was now running towards Hot-Shot. Hot-Shot put his hands on the ground right in front of him and he controlled a tentacle of Fire that was underground. About 4 seconds after he did, a large tentacle made out of fire came out of the ground and made Tidalwave go flying backwards. Then Hot-Shot got up, and used his hands as a flame-thrower, slowly walking towards Tidalwave. But then Tidalwave raised his hands, and a large wave of water came out of the ground and the Tidalwave slammed his hands on the ground, and then the wave plunged towards Hot-Shot, and it put out his Flame-Thrower. Then Hot-Shot did a triple back-hand swing, barely avoiding a razor strip of water. Then Hot-Shot noticed this was not the type of terrain he needed for this battle, so he starting making a huge stream of fire come out of his hands feet, steadily swaying his feet to fly. Then Tidalwave yelled "COWARD!".

"Where do you think a good hideout could be, in Mochadia?" Nexter asked Goldas, ready for any ideas. "Let’s check out that abandoned wareho-" And just then, Goldas rolled to his side quickly to avoid an incoming Rocket. "I think they're in that warehouse." Goldas said, confidently. Then they heard a motor. It was 3 Jeeps filled with ESIT men, with Kevin leading it, in the front jeep. Then he called to the group "need a little help?" then the 3 cars stopped, but then a Rocket blew up one car that was filled with Ammo and Weapons. The car did a triple roll sideways, then landed on its head. Then Kevin shouted "TAKE COVER!" then he, Nexter, and an ESIT troop ran behind the blown up car, shooting at the Warehouse. Then James saw a Red Dragon soaring towards the Warehouse, shooting bolts of fire at the attackers. Then James look behind him, where Tivic was standing. He wasn't there. He smiled then he continued shooting.

GF was playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with Komodo cobra when something rocked him. The desert where he was playing with Komodo Cobra slowly faded into the room where Pandaboy, Mocha, and he were held captive. He felt the rocking again. He looked at Pandaboy and Mocha who were already awake, wondering what was happening. Then he saw someone very blurry open the door and walk in the room. Then the figure turned into Quale. Then Quale said "your 'creations' are attacking, so you three are coming with me whether you want to, or not!" Then Quale bent down next to Mocha, injecting something in his neck. Then he went over to Pandaboy and did it, then he did it to GoldenFlame. Everything instantly turned blurry. Then it turned fuzzy and blurry. Then it turned smaller, fuzzier, and blurrier. And finally he saw nothing, and his eyes shut.

Finally, James, Nexter, Goldas, Tivic, Targ, and Varrolion decided to go in. But only them. They slowly opened the door, and it gave an eerie creek as it opened. Then Goldas said "Let's each split up into different rooms." and they all nodded. They broke off into the large number of rooms, quietly.

7 minutes later...

Nexter came running back to the middle of the warehouse. Everyone was already done, but found nothing. Everyone but Nexter at least. They were all waiting for him. Then Tivic said "finally..." as Nexter walked up to the group. He quickly said "hurry. I think I found them." then everyone exchanged surprised glances at each other and followed Nexter. Then Nexter said "They're a little bit woozy. And they don’t remember too much of how they got here. I freed them from their bonds and I told them I would be right back." then he turned a corner and there was a long hallway there, with one, door at the end. He started jogging and finally he opened the door. And there they were. Mocha, Pandaboy, and GoldenFlame.

Chapter 6: The BetrayalEdit

They all walked out of the warehouse, and then Goldas saw something flying towards them. It was red. Then he said "what’s that?" and then Pandaboy smiled and said "it’s not a 'that'. it’s a he." then Hot-Shot slowly landed in front of the group and said "hey, I’m Hot-Shot. I came from Trydon. I knew Tidalwave was here so I had to confront him again." Then Goldas walked up and shook his hand "I’m -" but then the ground shook. Then everyone heard a tremendous roar. Nexter then said "we have to get out of here. Now." then one of the 2 remaining jeeps flew at the crowd. Then Hot-Shot started shooting a wave of fire at the car in mid-air, but something on the other side was making it fly as well. Then Hot-Shot said "run........ now." he sounded strained. the group, confused ran backwards, almost running into the warehouse. Then they heard a loud 'Crash!' and Goldas looked backwards. Hot-Shot was lying on the ground, the jeep on his legs. He was unconscious and there it was, Behemoth was standing high above Hot-Shot, getting ready to throw the other jeep at him. The group was stunned. Very stunned. They had just found Hot-Shot, and he was already about to die. None of them knew what to do. They were about to lose a new friend while he was just saving them all. Nexter said "we have to do something!" then James said "we can't. Its evening so Behemoth will be tougher. And he saved us Nexter. We should run now." but just as they we backing up, a blinding huge light appear where Hot-Shot was. They all watched, wonder what it was. Then the jeep flew off of Hot-Shot and slammed against Behemoth. Hot-Shot was covered in flames. He flew up in the air, and started shooting huge fire-balls at Behemoth. Behemoth was almost as stunned as the group. But that didn't stop it, it kept shooting at Hot-Shot and trying to grab at him. But finally Behemoth caught Hot-Shot and started to try to make Hot-Shot crumble in his hand. But instead of dying, they all saw Behemoth lose his grip, and dropped Hot-Shot. They saw that Behemoths hand was almost covered with fire. Hot-Shot steadied his arms and legs, and he nearly flew into the ground when he made a tight turn upwards, missing the ground by inches. But as he was advancing upwards, Behemoth fired at him. At the same time Hot-Shot shot a huge fireball at it. Both of the shots collided, causing a huge explosion. The group strained their necks the see if Hot-Shot was still alive. And then the Explosion got bigger and bigger by the second, and they saw a being flying out of the explosion, barely in front of it. And then they saw Behemoth’s shadow in the explosion flying after the being. The group started slowly walking backwards, then they started running backwards as the giant explosion was advancing on them. Then the explosion stopped growing, and the being, (now visible as Hot-Shot) started flying strait upwards, into the clouds. Behemoth flew out of the smoke that once was a giant explosion, and flew after Hot-Shot. The group helplessly waited for the two to fly back down. But finally Behemoth flew downwards, flaming. Hot-Shot was rapidly shooting fireballs at Behemoth. After he chased Behemoth far away, he came flying back. He landed, softly on the ground in front of the group. Then he almost instantly fell on the ground, very limp. Goldas then asked "Hot-Shot, what happened back there?! I thought you were a goner!" but then Hot-Shot answered weakly; "don’t call me Hot-Shot anymore.... call me Inferno....." he managed to give of a weak smiled then his eyes closed. Pandaboy then said "it most have worn him out. Let’s get temporary quarters." then Pandaboy picked him up and put him on his shoulders. The group walked away, happy to have the idea of rest.

17 minutes later...

Varralion, Goldas, James, and Tivic were sitting on one couch. Pandaboy, Targ, Nick, and Varral were sitting on the other. George was sleeping on one of the beds, and GoldenFlame was sleeping on the other. Nexter was talking with Mocha about what kind of wacky dreams he had. Then Mocha looked out the window and said "only if you knew..." then before Nexter could ask what he meant, Mocha turned around and shot a Rocket at Nexter, but Nexter's quick reflexes saved his life and he quickly rolled to his side. Almost instantly, Pandaboy got up and shot another Rocket at Nexter. But he was so lucky that time. He rolled away but his right arm got caught in the small explosion and he started tumbling instead of rolling and his eyes shut. Then GoldenFlame ran into the room and shot yet another Rocket at the couch where Varralion, Goldas, James, and Tivic were sitting but they all dived off of the couch. Everyone, but Mocha, Pandaboy, and GoldenFlame were confused. Then James yelled "RUN!" and he picked up Nexter, filled with hope and worry for Nexter. Mocha shot another Rocket at the middle of the room and James threw Nexter's body over the rocket, and he leaped in the air, and twisted, barely avoid the Rocket. And he cached Nexter and jumped up again, and broke the glass in the window with his feet and him and Nexter flew out of the window. James quickly shot a grappling hook at the top of the building to slow his decent, and it worked. He landed safely just as the rest of the group came tumbling out of the door just as a rocket blew up the wall near the door. The group sprinted away in the streets of Mochadia. The group was still astonished that their own creators betrayed them. They all settled down in an alley and Goldas said "why would they betray us?" Then James said "they couldn't have betrayed us! they have to be robotic copies or something!" and then they all heard the voice of the 3 creators out on the street and Pandaboy said "GoldenFlame0, do you know where they could be?" then he answered "no, I have no clue Pandaboy2." then they heard Pandaboy'2's voice again "Mocha2007?" and then heard Mocha's voice saying "No clue. Let’s check that warehouse." then 'GoldenFlame0' said "Yeah, let’s go" and then their footsteps got quieter, and quieter. And then Varralion said "So yes, they are copies... but James, how’s Nexter?" and James' eyes returned to deep concern and he said "I don’t know. I can fix his arm, but it'll take time." then George said "I found what looked like a work shed in the old' warehouse." and then the group exchanged glances. They would meet up with danger, but if they didn't take the risk, Nexter might die. Then James said "it’s worth it." and the group got up, and James picked up Nexter. Their next destination was the warehouse.

Chapter 7: The VisionEdit

Nexter was walking around, from alley to alley. His memory had been wiped, but he didn't remember how. His capturers were hunting him down as bait for something. Nexter looked backwards, seeing if they had caught up yet, but they hadn't. And when he looked in front of him, he skidded to a stop. some giant 6 armed and 4 legged creature was stand right in front of him. He ran right under its legs, and did a swift turn down an alley. He knew he would be able to use his right arm soon, but not under these conditions. Finally he ran into the street and sprinted to the nearest house. He got there and rang the doorbell rapidly when finally the door opened and someone that looked Nexter's same age, with a confused look and he shouted "ITS NOT THE PIZZA!" then he slammed the door. And then he opened it soon after and asked "what is it?" then Nexter explained "I was captured, my memory was wiped, and I think my arm is broken. And... I’ve been chased after by my kidnappers and a giant beast." the boys jaw was basically about to fall off. Then he said "come! quickly!" then he motioned for Nexter to come in, and he did, then he closed the door. The boy said "my names' Travis. You?" then Nexter said "uhhhhhh......" and Travis said "oh, yeah. Sorry. I'm not used to this kind of visitor." then Nexter said "it’s fine." Nexter walked up the stairs, being careful to not bang his arm on the railing. Then everything started swirling. Then everything slowly turned into James leaning over his arm, inspecting it. Then Goldas said "he’s waking up." James stopped and asked "already?" then he heard the voice of George saying "their coming!" then Goldas quickly explained the robot copies and those they had no clue where the real ones were. Then James started to pick Nexter up but Nexter said "I think I can handle myself" then Nexter slowly got up then he noticed the copies walking into the room and he dived and grabbed James and hid under a work table and whispered "that was close..." then Mocha2000 cocked his head and said "their here." then Mocha2000 started slowly walking towards the work table. And GoldenFlame0 was walking towards George, Varralion, and Nicks hiding spot. And Pandaboy2 was walking towards to rest's hiding place. Then Nexter got up from hiding and felt James tug on his legs but he didn't budge. Nexter then said "fine. You found me. Now take me." then GoldenFlame0, Pandaboy2, and Mocha 2000 walked up to Nexter and Pandaboy2, and Mocha 2000 held both of his arms while GoldenFlame0 walked out of the room with Nexter behind him. As soon as the door closed, everyone jumped up from hiding and stared at the door. They had lost Nexter too now.

19 minutes later...

Pandaboy gasped as he saw Nexter get thrown into the room he and Goldeflame and Mocha were kept. But Pandaboy was the only awake one. And Nexter's face was filled with pain, as he landed on his right arm. Then Quale said "you got a roommate now. But he'll be taken care of soon." then Quale reached out to Pandaboy with a knife in his hand and said "I guess I’ll let you talk for your last few minutes of breath." then he recklessly cut off Pandaboy's gag, also forming a large cut that went from right next the his left eye, then down his left cheek a bit. Pandaboy's face also formed into pain. He then said "you won't get away with this!" then Quale walked to the door frame and threw 1 dagger at the edge of both Mocha, and Goldenflame's gags, cutting them off sharply, not harming their faces. Then he walked out of the room. And then GF said "Nexter?!?!" then Nexter groaned and said "I did it for the rest of them." and it took Nexter a lot of effort to talk. He then rolled over, not on his right arm. They didn't bother tying his arms and legs because he wouldn't be able to get up even. then Mocha's eyes started flowing with a mix of surprise, grief, and happiness. He then said "Nexter... you don't know what going to happen to you..." then Nexter asked "what do you.... mean?" then Mocha said "I overheard a conversation with Jeff and Quale... they are going to erase your memory..." then Nexter remembered his dream. He then managed to say "... don't let them win this battle. I did this, so that the rest would be able to prevail, and keep fighting." then the door opened, and Quale said "come on Nexter, we can't have any witnesses." normally, Nexter would have no clue what that meant, but now it was clear to him. He wouldn't remember any of his life happened. Quale picked Nexter up and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Chapter 8: The LostEdit

Quale locked the restraints on Nexter's arms and legs and said "say good-bye to memory" then he went over to a console opposite of Nexter. He pressed a few buttons then electricity streamed from the console into something attached to his arms and legs. Everything slowly went fuzzy. He started to wonder what his name was. Then he started wondering where he was. Then he asked himself; why am I here? Then he felt pain trickle down inside his body. Then it all centered in his chest. It was a huge pain, pulsing inside him. He felt like he was going to implode. But then the pain flowed away, like a stream. And then he heard someone (Quale) ask him "where are we?" then Nexter simply groaned. And the other person laughed and Nexter fell to the ground. Nexter quickly sprung up, and charged at the other being. He did a front-flip, and he kicked him in the chest. He then ran at the door and shoved it open. He was now a man on the loose, that didn't know anything of his life.

"Hey Mocha, did you feel that?" Pandaboy asked as they felt a pulse go through the entire building. Then Mocha said "... we just lost Nexter..." then a sprinkle of grief went over the 3. Then Pandaboy felt something flow through him. It felt powerful. Then he noticed he was glowing. Then he noticed the same thing was happening with them, except for GF, it was orangeish, and for Mocha, his was blueish. Then a giant pulse of power streamed through the room. Then Pandaboy noticed GF's ropes were melting. And then he noticed that Mocha's ropes were slowly turning into water. Then Pandaboy looked at his, and his were slowly disappearing. Then in a couple of seconds, the three of them were free. Pandaboy then said "let’s go and find Nexter."

Nexter was running in a maze of alleys. He knew that his capturer was following him. But then he looked back and when he returned his normal gaze, he saw a giant creature and he ran under its legs. He was scared out of his mind. He heard the creature start flying after him. He bolted into the streets, and ran to the nearest house. He rapidly rang the doorbell when finally the door opened, and a medium-sized man stood, and he had a sort of disappointed expression and said "it’s not the pizza!" then he slammed the door. But soon afterwards he opened it again, and said "ok... what is it?" then Nexter quickly explained his situation. Then the man said "ok. I’m Travis. Come on in!" and then he motioned for Nexter to come in, and then he closed the door. Nexter walked up the stairs, being careful to not bang his arm on the railing. The Travis walked up after him and asked "soooo..... what’s your name?" then Nexter said "uhhhhhh...." then Travis said "oh, yeah. Sorry." Then Travis offered Nexter a banana. Nexter said "uhhh...." then his tummy rumbled and he said "sure" Then he sat down and peeled the banana and started eating. He was thinking of what his life was, and what had happened.

Chapter 9: The New BeginningEdit

It was Nexter's 7th day of his new life. Travis was unused to having a new 'brother' but he was fine with it now. Nexter yawned and shoved his blanket off of him. He got up, sleepily. By the time he reached the kitchen to get his breakfast, Travis was already putting away his milk. Nexter swiftly did a cartwheel, and intercepted him, and got the milk from him and said "thank you." then he got his cereal. Just then he realized that was about the 20th time he'd done something as uncontrolled, and swift as that. He was still straining himself to remember his old life, but as hard as he tried, he could not remember. He sat down at the dining table, and just then he remembered to get bowl and a spoon. Just then the door-bell rang and Travis went to it. He opened the door and he came back and said "someone is at the door for you." then Travis walked to his room and got on his computer. Nexter walked down the stairs, and he asked "yes?" then the person said "we've heard that you're in need of a job. Well I have just the thing for you. But it includes action, and fighting." Nexter pondered over this for a while. Then finally he said "sure. When do I start?" then the person said "this afternoon. I will be back and pick you up at 12:00." then Nexter said good-bye and closed the door. He walked up the stairs then told Travis about it. Then Nexter remembered about his cereal. He almost ran into the kitchen and he got a bowl, and a spoon. Then he walked into the dining room and poured his cereal, and started munching. He felt like he was starting a new life. And he was.

James got up from bed. He looked at his clock and saw that it was 6:41 in the morning. But the time did not stop him. He was sick of worrying about Nexter and his arm. He wanted to find Nexter and tell him about his life. He looked at the window he had shattered to save Nexter. He then silently walked towards the door. But Varralion was awake, too. He heard her say "going somewhere?" when he looked back, he saw her getting up. then she continued "you aren't the only one in the universe that wants Nexter back, James." then James said "I can't stand waiting anymore Varralion. I'm sick of hoping. I'm sick of wondering. I'm sick of just standing back. I need to get into action." then Varralion reached into the small compartment where the weapons were kept and she strapped a Wrist Rocket on both wrists. She then said "boys aren't the only ones that can fight." then she tossed James his Energy Mace. James smiled then he opened the door and ran outside, with Varralion at his heels.

Varralion walked up to the door and rang its doorbell. Then while they were wait, James said "we've been doing this for hours now. We have to think of a different method." Then Varralion said "patience." Then James caught something out of the corner of his eye. It was a Rocket soaring right at him. He rolled to his side, surprised. But the Rocket just turned around and flew back at James. Then James said "Heat Seeking Rocket..." then he diver in front of him, barely missing being hit. Just then he got out his Energy Mace and waited for the Rocket to come back. But he didn't see it. Just then he quickly twirled backwards and slammed his Energy Mace into the deadly Rocket, and James said "ok. I just hope that was all." But then another 3 heat seeking rockets flew at him and Varralion. James quickly slashed and destroyed 1. Then he jumped to his side, propelled himself off the house wall, and quickly trusted his Energy Mace behind Varralion, destroying 1 from. Then Varralion said "I think that’s all of em'." And again, almost as a continuing argument, James noticed 7 - or more - Rockets soaring strait at him and Varralion. Some ahead, some behind. Then Varralion shot one of her own Rockets in the middle of the clan of Rockets and it blew them all up. Then she said "I think whoever's in there, doesn't want us." then James said "uhhh..... yeah, DUHH!" Then Varralion continued "we're never going to find him at this rate. We need to speed up the process and find Nexter already!" then James nodded. As the duo was about to get to the sidewalk, the door to the house opened and someone said "Fine. What do you want?" then Varralion smiled and turned around. And so did James. The Varralion walked up to him and said "we're looking for someone named Nexter that lost his memory. He's our friend, and we've been looking for him for hours." then the other person said "oh, sorry! I thought you wanted to take him. Come on in!" then the man motioned for them to come in and he shut the door and said "my name is Travis. I might know the man you’re talking about..." then James put 15 dollars in Travis' hand and then Travis said "I might have some clues..." then James put an extra 15 dollars in his hand, and Travis said "I was going to tell you for 0 dollars, but.... too late now. K, anyhow, he told me everything he remembered, - which was nothing - and told me he needed to basically restart his life. I noticed that every single day he ached to remember his past, but came up with nothing. He is also very skillful. But he left just about 7 minutes ago for his new job." James and Varralion glanced at each-other. This news was surprising to them. What if the job is to work for Quale? James thought. What if that’s what Quale’s plan was all along? But James had no clue. He then asked Travis "what kind of job was it?" then Travis answered "Fighting, or something. He's only been here for a week and he already feels like a brother to me." Then James said "well he is my actual brother, and how do you think I feel knowing my brother is out there, without any memory and a broken arm?!" then Travis said "I’m sorry. I had no clue either of what his original life was. And his arm is fine. Just it was replaced by a laser cannon..." then Travis smiled a bit and said "I know some..... engineers." It made James a little bit happier, but his concern about what exact job Nexter had was important to him. Then Varralion said thanks and good-bye then they both left the house. As soon as the door closed, Varralion said "yes, I agree. I too think that his job might be dangerous. But we must be careful, it might cost Nexter's life

Chapter 10: The TestsEdit

Quale said "I’m Quale, I’m the leader of this group. That is Jeff, he is the one that goes in the front-lines. And that is Tidalwave, he has the power of Water, so he can be many things, including Stealth, Spy, Distraction, Front-liner, anything." Then Quale nodded at Nexter and said "I’m going to need to find out your specialty." then Nexter took a deep breath and said "sorry, but I can’t remember what it was or is." then quickly Nexter continued "hush.... but I guess a couple of tests would be fine" then Quale said "good. Jeff, bring Mocha and the other creators in here." then Jeff nodded and left the room. Then Quale said "let the tests, begin!"

Nexter stood, waiting for the moment to dodge. Then he heard a sort of 'Pump!' sound and he dived to his side, and leaped up in the air and twisted, avoiding 3 water-balloons. This test was to test his dodging ability while he was blindfolded, and to simulate Rockets, Quale loaded water-balloons into a gun. The small splash would be the explosion. And if Nexter got wet at all, that would mean large injury. He landed and quickly crouched, and rolled to his side. He heard 2 'Splash’s where he was about to land. The arena was a large, clear, room except for 3 columns of metal near the middle of the arena. Nexter started sprinting, calculating how far he was running, so he could get to a column. He heard rapid 'Splash’s directly behind him, then finally le leaped into the air and he was kneeling on the column wall for and 3-miloseconds, then he leaped back off of it and put his hands to the ground, like he would dive into the water. Then when his hands hit the ground, he quickly propelled himself off of the ground, and did a front-flip. He heard a large 'SPLASH!' below him, and he quickly did a side-flip, still in the air and avoided the small puddle it no doubt made. Then he just stood, on the ground, doing nothing. Then he quickly ducked, then leaped up and grabbed a falling water balloon, and threw it, hearing the footsteps running in the shadows. Then he heard a 'Slip!' and he untied his Blindfold and looked in the direction of the sound. He had hit Quale. Then Quale laughed then said "not half bad! ok, time for the next test!"

Nexter was not Blindfolded this time. He waited, just like last time. Then he twisted sideways, and caught a grenade and threw it back. Then the rope that was surrounding him, caught on fire. He looked up, and saw a crane swiftly coming at him. The crane then grabbed at him, and Nexter did a small sidestep, barely avoiding the fire. Then he leaped on the crane, and did a dive roll off of it. He landed safely, but he noticed that he landed on a large, rope, net. He saw hanging ropes right above him. He just started wondering what was about to happen, but then the Net slowly caught on fire. Nexter leaped on the wall, and propelled him to the hanging ropes. He caught hold of the first one, just as it started to catch on fire. He started swinging then he leaped to the next, just as it got caught on fire. And again, he swung to the next one. But then the roof above that one dropped, leaving a tiny slab for the rope to hold on. Nexter started swinging, and then he did a back-flip while hold the rope, and his spine barely trimmed the falling roof slab, and he landed on it. Then it started plummeting down, but then he leaped in the air, hoping something else would happen. And something did. 7 giant missiles shot out of the wall strait at Nexter. Nexter then put his arms, and legs out to slow down his decent. And then he grabbed on to the back of one of the missiles just in time, and he pulled himself up. Then he leaned to his side, and he headed it on the track to the wall. He did a back-flip and landed on another missile. He kept leading it to the wall, then going to another. When finally the last one was destroyed and he started falling. Then finally he landed, safely inside a small metal square. There was a door in it. He went through it, and he found the control room for that arena, and he saw Quale controlling it. Quale then said "Bad news. They are attacking one of our secret outposts, and Tidalwave needs our help. Welcome to your first mission." the Nexter was about to ask 'they?' when Quale stood right next to him and the ground below both of them fell, and they were in an armory or something that had weapons, jet-packs, motorcycles, 1 helicopter, and all sorts of vehicles. Then Quale said "take a Jet-Pack." then Nexter got a jet-pack, and took 2 Wrist Rockets.

Chapter 11: The Battle BeginsEdit

James ran inside of one of the many craters, and he started rapidly shooting at Tidalwave. He then rolled to his side, and avoided a shot from Behemoth. Then Hot-Shot flew into the battle scene and landed next to James and said "I got some friends coming." Then James saw a blur running up into the battlefield in a flash. Then it stood still and said "hey, I’m Xavior" Then Xavior swiftly twisted his body as a laser flew to him. It missed him by milometers. James looked at who shot it, and he saw Nexter and Quale flying in the sky, rapidly shooting Rockets at them. Then James said "I was right..." and he quickly did a front-hand-spring to avoid a laser. Varralion put a Laser Scope on her Energy Mace and carefully aimed for Nexter's jet-pack, not Nexter. She shot, and it hit. The jet-pack swiveled out of power and Nexter quickly unhooked it and leaped down. He landed with a roll in front of him. He attacked with a fury of blasts. James was surprised of how much better Nexter was. He thought it was just his new Arm-Cannon. Nexter swiftly, and quickly, rolled over to James' crater and activated the Energy Blade mode of his cannon. He put it up to James' neck and they both looked each-other in the eyes, with the tense battle going on in the background. James then slowly said "don't do it..." Nexter just continued staring at James. It looked like Nexter was seeing a flash of new things and he wondered what they were. James said "you won't trust me... but I am your brother." Nexter's seemed like they pulsed with surprise, but he just but the blade closer to his neck and almost whispered "it’s a lie....." Nexter then helped James up and put his blade to James' back, and said "Quale will like this...." then Quale looked down at Nexter, and smiled. Goldas now noticed that Nexter had James captive, and he was now sprinting after James. Quale quickly noticed this and shot a Rocket directly in front of Goldas. He skidded to a stop and stood there a second with sadness in his eyes. Then the tears that were forming up, stopped, and Goldas leaped up, and put his hand up to the soaring Rocket and he just pushed. He seemed to have absorbed it. There was an expression on Goldas' face that’s showed pure pain. He tried to contain his pain, and then he remembered why he was doing this. For James. Then he did a front-flip - still in the air - and landed perfectly. There was a large scar on his hand, but he didn't pay attention to it. He started running after James but then Tidal wave thrusted a large wave at Goldas. Normally, he wouldn't be able to get near over the wave. But he leaped in the air, and landed on his hands, and he propelled himself several inches above the giant wave, and he continued running. Goldas was pulsing with energy. Then Behemoth shot at Goldas, and Goldas leaped into the air, and put both of hands out, palms facing the shot, then the giant shot got caught on Goldas' hands and he brought his arms back, and then thrusted them forward, shooting it back at Behemoth. Goldas landed with a roll. The Helicopter in the side-yard was just lifting off and Goldas reached about 16 feet away from it. He leaped up, and caught hold of the bottom of the Helicopter. He put his other hand on it. The helicopter slowly got higher and higher in the air. He slowly pulled himself up, high enough to overhear the conversation. He heard Nexter "enough with the lies. That’s it, time to gag him." He heard James struggle, and then he could barely see Nexter's arm grab a long cloth and he heard him tying it around James' mouth. Then it was silent for a moment. Then he heard Nexter say "nice try Goldas. No running away this time." Goldas quickly flung himself, and his legs tucked on the other side, he tucked his body, scarily under the helicopter then he heard Nexter leaning over then he said "you were wrong. He's not here." then he heard Quale laugh and say "I was joking! You have only been here for 1 day, so I don’t blame you." then he heard Nexter sigh and sat back down. Then Goldas heard something below him. He looked, carefully. Then he noticed; the battle was now taking place in the air. Kevin, James, Xavior, Varralion, Tivic, Marcus, Targ, and the rest were on Jet-Packs. Inferno was flying, and so was Behemoth. Everyone had someone to fight, and so did Goldas. He had never fought on a Helicopter, VS a friend of his, and he never wanted to. But he had to. He twisted a bit, to try to get an angle to climb up. But his legs got untucked, and his hands were losing grip and getting sweaty.

Chapter 12: The ArmyEdit

Goldas started swinging, then he let go of the helicopter and grabbed the other side. He let go with one hand then he put it back, - facing the helicopter - and he did it again. Then he started tugging himself up. Then he heard Quale yell "GET HIM!" Then Goldas jumped in, and he saw Mocha standing right on the other side. Then Goldas said "running away? I don’t think so." then he jumped in the helicopter, and kicked Quale, throwing him back. Then he quickly ducked, and tripped Nexter. And when Nexter fell, he grabbed Goldas and punched him in the stomach 3 times, then he threw Goldas off the helicopter. Goldas had just enough time to grab onto the bottom of a seat, and just the, the helicopter slowly went upwards, causing Goldas to shift to his right. Then he noticed what Quale was doing. He was trying to do a loop. He tugged in, but he kept hold of the seat. He saw Mocha fighting Nexter and then Nexter leaped in the air and kicked Mocha backwards, then he quickly got in his seat, and made himself secure. Goldas knew he was safe, but Mocha was not. Goldas tried to reach out to grab Mocha's hand, but it was too late. Mocha fell through the opening in the side, and Goldas thought, that’s the end of him.... now what about me? Then when the helicopter restored to normal, Goldas reach over, and grabbed 2 Wrist Rockets and pointed one at Quale and the other at Nexter and he said "lower this aircraft, and take me to your base." then Nexter looked at Quale, and Quale started putting the craft down. Then Goldas smiled. But just then, when they landed, the aircraft was surrounded by robots with 2 arm cannons, a built in jet-pack, and a bulky frame. Then Quale said "Goldas, put down your weapon." Then Goldas reluctantly put both Wrist Rockets down, and put his hands up, and said "what are you gonna do now? erase me memory and give me a week then recruit me?" then Goldas smirked, and Nexter looked surprised. Nexter had not known that Quale had the memory wiping device, but Goldas could be lying. Nexter thought. so far, this day has been filled with lies. Then Quale said "memory wiping device? what are you talking about?! I shall talk to you, and then let you go. And I hope that I can convince you to join us." Quale smiled. Then Nexter looked convinced himself. Then Goldas fixed his gaze on Nexter and said "Do you really believe him? listen to us for a minute! we could explain almost everything, every bit of your life! He's lying. He will 'talk to me' by wiping me memory, then he would 'let me go' as in let me attack him then run out of the room with fury, on my own. then he will 'convince me' me telling me I can get a job, and it will have Action. Then I would be forced to join him! you know exactly what I mean! your capturer was him! you just forgot what he looked like because he let you go for a while! he uses that device for more recruits!" then Nexter looked at the ground, and his face was filled with wonders. Then the look on Nexter's face turned into fury. He looked like a man on the edge. Then Nexter said "I’ve been lied to, all of my short life! Travis actually considers me a human being! I’m going back with him, and if you try to get anywhere near that house Quale, let’s just say, I would not let that happen. It was like Nexter had picked his own side. The robots had a moment of 'does not compute.' then Goldas smiled, and did a back-flip and kicked one robot's chest right out from its body. Then he ran. He just ran for dear life. He knew Quale also was thinking about what just happened, but soon he would be chasing Goldas. But just as Goldas went into an alley, he was confronted by 10 robots. They started shooting in a frenzy of fire. Goldas quickly started running backwards, away from them. Then he just ran in the streets, hoping he would find the ol' warehouse they were fighting at. More and more robots came out of each alley he passed, and when they saw him, they started rapidly firing. But then he saw Xavior cut off a robot's head. Then another. Then he stuck his sword into ones chest, and he took it out, and slid under the falling robot. He did a front-flip up, and landed with a 'Slam!' with his Sword, and he did a clean cut through the robot. Then he ran to Goldas, picked him up, and ran back to the battle scene that was just rubble now. Behemoth was flying away, and so was Tidal wave. Then Goldas thought; how could that have beat Behemoth so easily? Then he saw King Mochadius, looking at Behemoth flying away. Goldas quickly ran up to the group and said "Nexter left Quale and he’s on his own. And Quale has an army with him. An army of robots." Then Goldas' depressed face, turned into grief. He had forgotten about James. Almost as Xavior was reading his mind, Xavior rushed off, in the direction of Quale's base. He came back only about 53 seconds later. There was a line of no hair on Xavior's head, and then Goldas noticed a laser had barely missed him. Then Goldas noticed that Xavior had a large cut along his arm. It was another close shot. So close that it just merely cut his skin. Xavior was tired, and it wasn't hard to guess that. James was uncurious. Goldas was just about to ask about that, when Xavior said "I came just in time. He was locking up the restraints to wipe his memory. I cut the restraints. And it looks like he knocked out James so he couldn't remember Quale's image." As Xavior was saying this, he was still panting. Then he said "it is true. Quale does have an army, and it’s getting bigger and better by the minute."

Chapter 13: The Plea For HelpEdit

James was sleeping in one of the bedrooms. Xavior and Inferno had headed back to Trydon. Varralion - the only one still awake - heard something. She looked around, and she picked up a Dragoon and silently walked towards the window. She looked out, but saw nothing. But then someone whispered in her ear "it’s just me." then she instantly turned around, and saw that it was James. "what are you doing this early?" Varralion asked. "You wouldn't understand." James then picked up his Energy Mace and silently walked out the door, before Varralion could say anything. For a while, Varralion just stood there, confused. Then she wrote a small letter, and set it on an end table next to a lamp. She then made sure that her Dragoon was still on, and then she ran outside.

With James...

James skid and sharply ran around the corner of a house. He then started sprinting. Then said to himself "I’m not gonna lose you Nexter..." then James skid again, and ran past another corner of a house. Now James could see Travis' house already. Then James skid to a stop and he walked to the door of Travis' house. He rang the doorbell, and waited. Then James started thinking I probably shouldn't have rang it this early... just then he heard a large Clank! and he rolled backwards, just as a laser flew right by his foot. James quickly jumped up, and saw that Nexter was shooting him. He then quickly twisted his body, another laser soaring by him. Then James said "I just want to talk!!!" then he heard Nexter shout back "set down your weapon!!!" then James did as Nexter said, and set his Energy Mace down. Then Nexter said "turn around." James again, did as Nexter had told him. Then he felt Nexter grabs his hands and tie them together. Nexter then said "come with me." and yet again, James went with Nexter. Then Nexter motioned for James to sit down next to the wall, and Nexter tied James' legs together. Then Nexter said "if you really just want to talk, you won't mind this." then Nexter kicked at James and James then laid flat out. Then Nexter also tied up James' wrist to some kind of bar. Then James looked to see what it was, and it was a large metal bar sticking out of the ground, going through the roof. "it's too easy." then Nexter tied another rope around James' mouth, and walked out the room, shutting the door behind him. James was confused. Then James thought how'd I forget the position Nexter is in? He would never let me try to convince him. James just laid there, as a prisoner. 5 minutes ago I was asleep, and now I’m Nexter's prisoner.

Meanwhile, with the others...

Mocha got up. He had just woken up, but he saw something on the end table. He sleepily walked over to it, opened the folded paper, and read it. Then he woke up, wide awake. He then said "I Got bad news..." that was all Mocha needed to say, everyone - minus Pandaboy - woke up, and got up. Then Goldas sat on Pandaboy and rubbed around. Then Pandaboy woke up, and said "get uff uf ne Guldas...." then Pandaboy snored some, then he jumped up, and his forehead banged against Goldas'. Pandaboy tumbled down on the ground and said "I’m awake!" then he ran his hands through his hair, and rubbed his head. Then Mocha said "Varralion and James are gone. Varralion left a message. It says: James has left mysteriously, and I am going to try to go find out what he’s doing. Don't worry. -Varralion" then Pandaboy said "cool! now let's all get back to sleep." Pandaboy then fell on the couch, only to land on Goldas. Pandaboy looked up, and saw that Goldas was holding a Dragoon and a Wrist Rocket. Goldas then said "we're not sleeping, just as James could be getting himself killed. We're going in!" then Pandaboy had the 'I don't... get it!' kind of look, but then he grabbed the Wrist Rocket and murmured "fine..." Goldas smiled then he walked up to the door, only to meet Xavior as he opened the door. Xavior quickly said with distress all over his face "Trydon is in trouble, and we need your help." Everyone's faces went astonished. James would have to wait, and Goldas was not liking it one bit, but he then said "alright." Xavior managed to let out a smile, then he said "there’s no time to waste!" then Xavior ran off, in the distance.

Chapter 14: The Two PrisonnersEdit

James sat up, stoping himself from falling into the heavy hole that is Sleep. He felt like a fool for not expecting this. He looked at the clock on the wall, and it was just turning to 8 o'clock. James' heavy eyelids were starting to feel more like anvils, and already the ropes were making him ache. James' head slowly slumped on his shoulder, and his eyes slowly shut. James fell into a deep sleep, knowing that his fate wouldn't turn out well.

Inferno landed softly in the boat, and Xavior started it towards Trydon. "Is it a long trip?" Goldas asked, in hopes of it being short. "Readying the portal..." Xavior said, ignoring Goldas. Everyone heard a sharp explosion sound echo the ocean, and Goldas impatiently asked "What was that...?" "They got big guns..." Inferno replied, striding to the control panel, and shoving Xavior aside "You don't know the code." Inferno then typed a short code, and a the ground at the point of the boat unfolded, and a cannon came up. "Grab onto something." Inferno said sharply, and pressed a button, making the cannon shoot the thin air in front of the boat, and a portal slowly forms in front of the boat, and it drives through it. Without any questioning, everyone found a steady hold on something. The book shook as the sea turns into a glowing purple kind of color. Even the thin air changed color to a light blue, flowing around everyone. Then everything changed back to its proper color, an island about 42 yards away from the boat. The boat stoped shacking, and headed towards the island. The island had a mountain surrounding it, like a fortress. Hundreds of people swarmed the beach, outside the fortress fighting robots. "Welcome to Trydon, the island of heroes. Inside that mountain wall, lies a operartion and it goes by the name HeroCore. It is almost impossible to find, but somehow they did it. I'm part of a small team. My leader is Surge. Me, Phase, Inferno, Electro, and Surge are the team." Xavior introduced. Then the boat shook vigorously as a huge wave crashed against it. Nearly everyone fell, and just as they were getting up another wave struck, pounding hard on the boat as if the boat were a nail and the waves were a hammer, rapidly pounding. The boat uncontrolably went to Trydon at a tremendous speed. Another wave struck, followed by Inferno yelling "JUMP OUT!" The boat was nearing the Island beach, and with no arguments everyone ran to a side that was tipping close the water, and jumped. Goldas landed with a 'Thud!' on the sand. He looked up, and saw that everyone else landed on the shore. The boat hit shore before they even jumped out. "That was worthless." Xavior said, getting up and unsheathing his sword, the sharp sword gleaming in the sun. Mocha got up, and put a rocket in each Wrist Rocket. Pandaboy got up, and took out an Energy Mace that was straped to his back. Everyone else got up, and then a group of Robots emerged from the water, charging at the large group. "This is where it starts." Inferno continued "War."

Life is a bright thing. Mocha thought. Because i just saw it flash before my eyes! It had only been 5 minute since the robots emerged from the water, but everyone was already deep into battle. "Mocha! Behind you!" Xavior shouted, and with no hesitation, Mocha quickly rolled to his side. Where he was standing, was a small crater. It was obvious to Mocha that it was caused by and strong shot of Plasma. Mocha looked a little bit more upwards, and saw what looked like a pile of rust with a head and arms. Then he saw a sword go through his chest, and the bulky robot fell down, revealing a smiling Xavior behind it. "Thanks for the warning." Mocha said, as he got up. Before Xavior could say anything else, something that felt like and anvil hit Mocha hard in the back. Mocha fell down, his eyes still in covered in surprisement. Then his eyes slowly shut. He was unconscious. in the constant heat of battle, no one noticed the being drag Mocha away. Not even Xavior. And that was because as soon as Mocha thanked him, Xavior was hit knocked down on the sandy shore by a wave. The wave couldn't have been from the ocean, no, it came from the mountain. And Xavior instantly noticed it. "Tidal-Wave..." Xavior leaped up, but only to be knocked from the air by another wave. And then another. What next? Another. Xavior was stunned he hadn't thought of it yet, and he easily rolled to his side, avoiding the countless waves. Xavior could barely see him, but he saw Tidal-Wave, hiding in the trees on the bottom of the giant mountain. "You asked for it..." Xavior muttered under his breath, as he jumped at Tidal-Wave.


James' eyes flew open. He was in a small, abandoned town in the middle of some desert. James turned around, and saw 2 figures, one of them had a determined face, and a sword in each hand. The other one James couldn't distinguish. But the first one's determination turned into anger, and he slashed one of his sword's at the other being. The sword stopped right next to the second one's neck, it being so close that a small cut was on the neck. Then James saw the something move behind the second being. It was obvious what he was holding behind his back, but not to the first being. He had a sword, waiting to attack the first one. James took one step forward to get a closer look, but then everything faded, and changed back into the room he was being held in. His eyes flashed open, and he heard some behind him say "Good, your awake." James looked to who said it, and he saw Nexter, sitting on a stool. "I have some things to ask you." "Okay, ask away." James said. "Why'd you come to me?" "To try to tell you the truth about your life." Nexter leaned a little closer to James. "What's the REAL reason?" James bit his lip. He decided it would be better if he didn't keep trying to convince Nexter. He wondered how it could get worse, but in experience from watching some detective movies as a child, he knew that wasn't a great question. Maybe i can bluff my way out of this to make him want to join me. James thought. He doesn't seem to want to be a bad kinda guy... "Fine. I'll admit it. I wanted to capture you, because you were a robber. There. I also tried getting you to join me so you wouldn't be such a bad guy." Nexter seemed to believe this a bit more, and Nexter leaned back, on the wall. He was in deep thought, and it was obvious. Suddenly Nexter broke out laughing. "Nice try! I wouldn't be as much of a robber as you would be some sort of scientist!" That gave James an idea. Nexter still didn't know that James was a scientist. Let's give it a try. Brother to Brother. Enough with these tricks. "I'll give you proof that you're my brother. You lived with me. You commented harshly on my experiments. Don't you remember?" Nexter instantly stopped laughing. "Proof? Ha! Where would that be?" Nexter asked mockingly. "In my house. Drive me there. Handcuff me for all i care. I'll show you it." Nexter took this as a challenge. Nexter's face was now set into straight lines of determination, and Nexter slowly nodded. "But first, i'll have to make sure you don't pull anything on me." Then James saw a fist coming to his face. Then he saw nothing. He fell down, unconscious, and now with a large bruise on his left cheek. Nexter smirked, but James didn't hear it.

Mocha woke up, dazzily looking around him. He appeared to be in some sort of dungeon. It didn't take long for Mocha to notice that a cloth was tied around his mouth, and his handed were tied behind his back. The last thing Mocha remembered was falling to the ground, and seeing a wave hit Xavior as his eyes slowly shut. Mocha was surprised he didn't see the figure before. The figure seemed to be all black. Must be a cloak with a hood, concealing himself from me. The figure was doing something with Mocha's legs. Tying them? He felt his legs tighten, and they were stuck closer. Yep... Without a word, the figure placed something on the grey door, then walked out. The small round device on the door ticked. A bomb.... Mocha tensed, then he noticed the time on it. He could barely read it. It was set to go off in three hours. Mocha gulped, thinking about how far away he was from the land. But what he didn't know, was that he was right under it.

Chapter 15: The Brothers UniteEdit

Brother to Brother. Enough with these tricks. James woke up. The sun was now shining brightly through a window in the car. He considered this one slightly pleasant, bright sight a good one. James then roused up his memory. It's a window... He noticed it quickly. I'm in a car... He swiftly shot up off the ground, only to fall back down, and to find out that he was weak. VERY weak. Nexter must have heard him fall back down, because he scoffed. "Sounds like you're weak today." It wasn't very hard to notice the mockery in Nexter's voice. Irritation rose up in James. He tried to hold it back, but James never was great at holding his ground when he was mocked about his weak body. James managed to mutter "You remember me, Nexter. If you don't, i'm not sure what i'll do." Nexter felt the sincerity of James' words like an earthquake. Nexter bit his lip, thinking. "Please..." James muttered in hopelessness. Just as Nexter was about to say something, the ground shook under the car. Nexter skid the car to a stop, and looked out the window. A black dot was just barely visible, far, far away. The dot drew closer. It grew in size as it came closer, and it was now obvious what it was. "Behemoth..." James and Nexter murmered at the same time. After saying the creature's name, Nexter saw an image in his head. It was James, wrestling a Matrix to stabilize it, and get a sample from it to make Behemoth. Then Nexter saw another image. This time, he saw his own hand holding a picture. The picture was Nexter and James standing shoulder to shoulder, smiling. Another image popped up in him, this time it was Nexter, James, and Goldas eating breakfast. More images flashed before his memory, everything coming back to him. James broke into his thoughts, and yelled "RUN!!!!!" Nexter flashed back to reality, to see Behemoth only several yards away from the car, now. His eyes basically jumped out of their sockets, and he quickly opened the door and leaped out, followed by James. They hit the concrete ground, bruises and scratches already forming on their bodies. The car exploded shortly after they hit the ground, and one of the car doors flew above their heads, flaming. James looked at Nexter, and saw the change in his eyes. James and Nexter nodded to each other, and jumped up, then turned around to see Behemoth pick up a car, and send it hurtling towards the duo. They both instantly jumped away, both to a different side. "Seems like that beast is up for some carnage." James remarked. "That means we are, too." Nexter said coolly.

Mocha dazzily woke up. He looked around him, slowly remembering what was happening. Then he looked at the bomb. 3....3 something. He could barely read it. He blinked several times. was 30 minutes until the bomb blew. Mocha tensed. He then heard an explosion above him-just barely. He thought in panic, but he came up with nothing. He silently admitted to himself that someone would have to pay the price in this small war. He sighed to himself, then closed his eyes, doubtful of everything.

"What should we do now?" Inferno asked blandly. The heroes had managed to push the army of robots back to the sea, but only to find that several explosions had triggered inside the Trydon town-most of them so close to the HeroCore headquarters, that they left scorch marks on the walls, and some heroes have mysteriously 'disappeared', included Mocha. These happenings have put everyone on alert, and led some of the easily angered heroes on edge, and made them restless, all of those heroes ending up dead. Surge's team, and the others have decided to stay inside the HeroCore headquarters to carefully plan their next move. "I say me, Phase, and Goldas search in the abandoned underground cave system for Mocha," Golden Flame chimed in. "No." Surge said. "We can't afford to possibly lose anyone else. I'm going." Golden Flame nodded slightly. "I guess you would work better with your own team..." "No," Surge announced. "I'm going alone." Everyone was taken aback, and Inferno, being Surge's closest friend present, instantly objected, "Surge, no, you can't go alone!" "I am the leader here, and I don't want to take the slightest risk that another person will 'disappear'." Surge said, his voice crossing the border of annoyed, concerned, and commanding. "You're in charge while I'm gone, Inferno." And before Inferno could put in one more word of argument, Surge was through the doorway, and gone. I wish Terra were here. Inferno thought. She always knows how to handle this kind of situation. But, of course, she had to handle some thieves, somewhere. Inferno could never manage to remember things like that. Just then, he was pulled back to reality by hearing a close explosion-very close. In fact, the explosion shook the room, knocking everyone down, and knocking several of the chairs on top of Inferno. A shrill, and high pitched sound came emitting from the mechanical door. As Inferno looked up, and the door closed. He jumped up, pushing the chairs off him. He rain to the panel to open the door, and intered a code. ACCESS DENIED Just then, the green light on the panel turned flashing red, and sparks started flying off it. Inferno quickly stepped away, and looked helplessly at the others. He felt something-or someone- grab him from behind. The man turned Inferno around, ran at the door, then threw Inferno full force at it. Before Inferno could superheat his hands to burn right through the door, he slammed against something.. "Ouch..." He said, as he looked behind him, seeing a huge dent in the door-but didn't look like the door. He got up, and looked around. He was on the ground in the hallway outside, and he was sitting in a huge dent on the ground. He looked at the door, to see a hole in it where he flew through, and a smiling and content Xavior looking through the hole at him. Inferno couldn't help it. He smirked, and slapped his forehead. "Twas' a job well done, if you ask me!" Goldas said, he, too, smiling. He climbed through the hole, quickly followed by everyone else. As they all stood in the hall, Inferno spoke up. "As you all know, Surge left to search for Mocha. And as he left, he also left ME in charge. And now that I am in charge, I say we hold off the robots for as long as possible, so he can search without the heat of chasing robots," Xavior cleared his throat, getting ready to object, but Inferno saw this, and spoke before he could. "Xavior, to make it more convincing for you, let's chop off some robot heads!" Xavior smiled slightly. "You mean slice off?" Inferno smiled back. "That will work just as fine," Varralion broke in. "Well, to the slicing, then!" And then Goldas couldn't help but smile, and everyone nodded. The group quickly ran out of the headquarters, and rushed through the town to the shore.

Page SongEdit


  • Pandaboy's cat, Sparky's name was inspired by several things.
  • In the second chapter, Pandaboy started listening to Lemonade, a song by Chris Rice. (Look it up on YouTube. It’s worth the work.)
  • Yes, GF0 has a camping knife; however, he seems to have lost it.

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