This is an account of the story told by Goldas.

It is currently a working progress

Chapter one - Infiltration Edit

I was second in our small group, behind Nick. Next to me was my brother, George. Behind us was Tivic and Targ, the two of them bringing up the rear. Never in my entire life would I have guessed that Mystery Myme was a Grim Aider, I thought. Someone has a lot of baggage.

"How much longer?" George asked.

"We are not far." Nick stated. "And besides, this is the easy bit."

"Easy?" complained Tivic. "If I would have known it was this thorny, I would have transformed."

"Ha!" I started. "You knew full-well that it was 'thorny'"

Tivic grunted in annoyance.

"Wait stop...we are here!" Nick exclamed.

We were crouching in frount of a large adamentium door, black in colour, looking like a large bank vault. There were about ten guards. I drew my sword, the Animelian blade.

"No." Nick said. "We need something a bit more subtle." Just then a boulder fell from one of the balconies, killing all of them. It morphed into Tivic.

"I never knew you were that good." I laughed.