The GoldenLightBlade

The GoldenLight Blade is the reformed version of the Light/Dark blade. It is almost identical to the light/dark blade, expet it has golden streaks around it, plus the interior crystal has portions of red. It was created in Imaginaughts Alpha when the Light/Dark Blade was destroyed.

History Edit

The blade first came into being when the Light/Dark Blade was split into several pieces towards the end of Imaginaughts Alpha. Goldas has since used it as if it was the previous weapon.

It is also a symbol of Imaginaughts Alpha, replacing the light/Dark blade as the secondary symbol for the series, and being on par with The Snowflake for its logos.

Abilites Edit

  • Generally more powerful than the previous blade, sharper and stronger.
  • Can absorb light/darkness from a larger radius.
  • Can dispel black holes in a couple of seconds, unlike the previous, which required at least a few minutes.

Wielders Edit

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