The Rift Ripper
The weapon in all its low-res pixilated glory

Weapon type



Goldas Arenian

The Godkiller is a weapon Goldas made at the 3rd part of Imaginaughts Alpha out of his Rift ripper. It is designed to hold the power medallion (AKA The Snowflake) and draw power from it. Goldas made the weapon to have the sufficient power to kill a god.

History Edit

The Godkiller was formed during the start of the God Wars, Goldas knowing that he would have full need of a weapon with the power to defeat gods. He took his Rift ripper and turned it over three days into the weapon. He used the Godkiller in many occasions, notably when he killed The God of the Auguments and stole his power to create The Ceasefire. Since then it has lost some of its power, but is still a devastating weapon.

Appearence Edit

  • Handle consists of 2 empty rings on each side, both can fit the Power Medallion. The rings fill with energy when the blade is activated (Unless one has the Snowflake, that one won't).
  • 2 "Big Blade" pieces consisting of an Adamantium, Mythril, Titanium and Gold alloy. They each have a large hole and together make up the length of the blade. Usually detached, it floats around 1 cm above the second ring and 1 cm from the other blade.
  • 2 "Mini Blade" pieces containing a similar alloy, designed to fit inside the gap inside the two bigger blades. It has a 1 cm gap around it and the big blade when active.
  • 2 "Micro Blade" pieces, floats aside the upper handle ring.
  • Blue Mana energy sparking between all seven pieces and in the ring not holding the Snowflake.

Trivia Edit

  • This blade has a very loose origin to the blade(s) shown below, the final blade is very different.
  • The picture of the Godkiller first added to this page was only the second time it was ever drawn, so more, higher-quality pictures may be added.
Sword of Edicts

Guthix's Sword of Edicts

Sword of Edicts concept art

Concept Runescape Art

Sword of edicts-12150849

A unknown runescape player with the Sword of Edicts.

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