The Genac family is a family that has lived on Aef for ages.

First generationEdit

Adam Genac is disowned by his family and goes to Aef. He meets Melisa and they produce a son. The two then later pass away when that son is 19.

2nd genEdit

Joseph Genac is born. He struggles with the loss of his pearents. He later meets Julia, who is pregnated by Joseph. He dies before his son is born

3rd genEdit

Robert Genac is born. He is sad because he never met his father, and then meets Ruby, who's mother later passed away. The two 13-year olds start a relationship, and they are married at 18, which follows with their pearents getting married. Ruby then gets pregnant with the fourth generation of Genacs.

4th GenEdit

Mark Genac is born. He killed his pearents when they got too strict. He is very attactive and when he marries his wife, Megan, one son and four daughters were born.