The Bloodthirster
The Bloodthirster pixel concept art

Item Type

Signature Weapon

Weapon Class




Attack stat

5 x (Half of Raven's current Combat Level)

The Bloodthrister is a demonic blade made of a blood red metal with black veins through it. The weapon was created when a Dark Energy Shard landed in Hell. It is a sword-class Signature Weapon tied to Raven. Its key ability is its Blood Meter, which allows the weapon to increase in power and the wielder's mana regeneration rate to increase proportunate to how many times a hit has connected recently.

Appearance Edit

The Bloodthirster appears as a blood-red sword with a large chunk of twisted metal on one end, and various black "veins" that appear inside the metal. These veins change size proportunate to its Blood Meter, ranging from pencil-line thin (0%) to turning the blade black with red spots (100%). Below the blade is a piece of black Deathwood rapped in a dark brown leather strip. On the weapons pommel is a spherical green gem with milky inperfections swirling around it. The blade is sentient, having the ability to communicate to Raven telepathically, originating from the pommel. The Bloodthirster also has the ability to turn into a Hellhound upon command that can fight alongside its wielder. 


The bloodthirster (left hand) in Raven's Apocalypse Demon Form.

In Raven's Apocalypse Demon form, the sword fuses with his hand, becoming a narrow blade of pure fire mana.

Abilities Edit

  • The blade is indestructible. This has no impact on gameplay.
  • The blade has a "Blood Meter" that increases as the user deals damage, and slowly decreasing when its not being used (About a percent every 5 seconds). The blood meter provides buffs to weapon damage (an additional 0.1% of the weapon's base damage every percent of blood meter) as well as mana regeneration (an adittional 0.1% of the wielder's mana regeneration rate per percent of blood meter).

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