Type of Element

Terric Earth





Stone is a very important element that is formed several ways. It is over twice as powerful as earth, and it can easily provide a boost to certain attacks and spells based on its chemical makeup. It varies greatly both in color and composition, so it is advised you know what stone you are using before incorporating it as an ingredient in a spell. Some of the many types are listed below



Natural obsidian occurs when the stone is created with water and lava. It can be either strong or weak, and the stronger type can be used as an ingredient in both armor and weapons.



Sandstone occurs when sand is incorporated into an earth and more earth mixture. It is relatively weak, and usually has only a decorative purpose. It can be found under the sand in deserts, and the layer is usually not that thick.

Normal StoneEdit

Your average stone, formed with the earth and more earth mixture. It is commonly used in constructing buildings, as it is the primary building material because it is very common, and it is relatively strong.


Metals can be found when refining certain compositions of rock. There are dozens of different metals, each with its own use.


Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.

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