The Skyrim Operation was a brief mission done by Goldas and Varralia Arenian to employ temporary peace in the Tamriel provence of Skyrim

The operation Edit

The majority of the operation was to get rid of the current Imperial rule in Skyrim, which was being led by a group of elves intent on enslaving the human poulation of Tamriel. The Stormcloaks, mostly Nords, aided Goldas Arenian in the fight to defeat the Imperial Legion. The other end of the operation was to defeat the Dragon hordes intent on eating all the humanoid races in Tamriel.

As part of the operation, both Goldas and Varralia were temporarily altered in both age and some aspects of their appearance. Both were made older, and also changed to fit the description of a Nord.

Copyright Notice Edit

Yes, this was done in a game by Bethesda Softworks containing information about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The resources contained in this article is either owned by Bethesda softworks or original content.

Stormcloak and Tamriel are under the Skyrim copyright thingy. Please don't sue any of us.

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