The sagas are the technical name for the various story arcs in the Imaginaughts storyline. They are placed Chronologically and tagged with which games might be made for them in the future.

Main story Arc Edit

Imaginaughts 1/2 Edit

The first two Imainaughts sagas. They are usually grouped together.

George, Tivic, Mystery Myme and Targ were all introduced here.

Gap Edit

Need to write this bit. Klael's first appearance was here.

Travina Edit

The revelation of Nick Myme. Varral and Varralion were both introduced here.

Grim Aider Edit

The Grim aider revolution, then on to what was essentially Travina part 2.

Gap Edit

Yea, forgotten again.

New Generation Edit

Raven was introduced here. This was also where the name "Imaginaughts" was coined. As welll as that, Aef became the whole planet rather than just a large school.

Raven, Demon LordEdit

This massive arc is a 'flashback arc', where Raven becomes corrupted with the Demons blessing he had when he was introduced and advanced at the end of New Generation. Two new Imaginaughts from new generation were killed, and the other two (Raven and one other) both left. This was the biggest loss for our 'good guys', Aef was damaged quite surverly (it had just encompassed the whole planet). Raven was supposedly killed when he fell of a plaform and burst into flames.

Silvos Edit

The Light/Dark blade, which had lost its golden power suppressor at the end of the previous saga lost some dark energy that was absorbed off Raven. This took form of a darker Goldas, Silvos.

Silvos sacrificed himself to prevent raven returning to Aef.

Gap (see: The Great Gap)Edit

Im afraid there was another MASSIVE gap here. In fact, half of this gap the series had completely halted.

Pre-thirteen arc Edit

(Insert description here) This is also when the wiki was founded, and Goldas Arenian rose to power

Demon Lord Edit

Raven's storyline

Thirteen arc Edit

Where Raven, Goldas, Vain and 10 others banded together to defeat Klael.

Rise of the Ember Edit

More Imaginaughts stuff.

Imaginaughts Nex Edit

This details the Aef-Hell war.

Imaginaughts AlphaEdit

All about The Snowflake, basically.

Imaginaughts: DarknessEdit

Set on LE-42

Trivia Edit

Most of the Imaginaughts storyline has been forgotten. Indeed, the only record of the first arc has been lost.

Mocha story arc Edit

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