Rhyler (Ryy-ler) is a former star freighter worker, from the x015e universal quadrant. He now lives and studies on Aef, and is one of the chief engineers, building Tech devices and is one of Aef's system admins. Goldas Arenian is one of his closest friends.


Rhyler was brought up on a space freighter, and spent his childhood jumping ships looking for a planet to settle on. His most recent ship, the Medios II was infected with a deadly space virus, spread by space locusts, and he was the sole survivor. (See The arrival of Rhyler ) By chance, his ship crash-landed on Aef, where he met Goldas. He received his education at Aef. He wields technology as his main weapon.

Appearance Edit

  • 15 years of age
  • Brown eyes
  • Male
  • Average height
  • Dark brown hair with green streaks
  • Cat-like ears
  • Cat tail


Rhyler is very good at inventing and building. He can also cook doughnuts really well.




  • ​Power Suit


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