The Reznor Dragon (also known as Reznor) was a giant dragon-like monster. He wasn't as big as Komodo cobra, but is big.

History Edit

In a crystal-lined cave on a mountain, traces of the crystals and other minerals mixed to make a huge egg. 100 years later, Reznor hatched out of it. He almost began destroying a village near the mountain until a man somehow ended up making a deal to him: at least one person from the village must be fed to him each year, or else he will destroy the village. He was later killed by Komodo cobra after a certain event.

Description Edit

Reznor was a huge dragon monster with high nose holes, sharp ears, tiny eyes, a muscular body, muscular back legs, muscular front legs, a muscular tail, and wings on his front legs.

Abilities Edit

Before his death, Renzor had many powers.

  • Using his powerful wings, he could fly
  • He could breathe fire.
  • His jaws could open extremely large, even though he looked like he had a slightly small mouth
  • He could smell pain and fear using his high-placed nostrils. Pain smells like meat and fear smells like cranberries.