Quale (full name is Quale Eric Brintson but few know that's his name so he goes by the name of Hornet) is a rouge person. Not much people have seen his eyes and still lived. As Kevin would say: "that old Hornet has had his old times and so have we. But he is to dangorues now. We gotta find him.".


Very little is known about Quale besides the fact that he was once a very skillful fighter.


Everytime Quale is seen he uses:

2 Ninja-swords.

A unknown device attached to his wrist that shoots darts that knocks out the target.

And he always has a secret weapon of choise like sometimes he brings a sherrikan with him into battle, or maybe a knife, maybe even sometimes a pistol.


no-one knows of what he looks like because he usually wears a disguise.


  • just tell me already! listen! i'm the one with 2 swords up to your neck just please tell me and nobody gets hurt!
  • oo.... i hate the yankees!
  • WHAT IS IT WITH YOU?! i got you 10 pounds of gasoline, all of your special energy capsules, 5 Matrix samples, and the rarest and toughest shell you ever gonna find! but you still need more?!
  • okay... is that's turtle 10 feet long, and 4 feet high? my life if filled with odd things.
  • wait... are those Matrix running out of Behemeth's cave? this would make an interesting article in the newspaper...

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