Pandaboy (Pandaboy refuses to say his real name so he goes by the name of Pandaboy.) is a secret agent and he works for ESIT.


Pandaboy has gone through to much situations to count so lets just do 1 of them for now.

One day Pandaboy was trying to use his computer for his own purposes until his screen went black and after 5 seconds it showed him the ESIT emergency screen then a message came up. Then pandaboy read the message and it said: "Pandaboy, this is Kevin and we need you. It seems that most of our computers, and systems are just shuting-down and we have noticed holes in the walls, large ones and we need you here immeditly because we think all of our systems weren't just shuting-down, we thin-" then message disappeared and Pandaboy knew that he couldn't mind his own business and he had to go help. TO BE CONTINUED IN The Battle of Hornet...


  • Pandaboy uses all of the gadgets you can think of but only about 5 per mission..
  • Wrist Rocket.
  • Energy Mace.
  • Discs that contain loads of information if you download it into something and makes a good weapon.
  • Sniper-rifle disguised as a lond loaf of bread.
  • Pistol disguised as a banana.
  • Land-mines disguised as donuts.
  • Bombs disguised as watermellions.
  • A Jet-pack disguised as a back-pack.


  • 16 Years of age.
  • Male.
  • White Skin.
  • Black hair.

But anyone outside of ESIT-Command wouldn't know what he looked like cause he wears disguises.


From Kevin himself: "Pandaboy is a skillfull fighter. Very skillfull. And 1 thing i have not figured out about him yet is that why he wears disguises when hes in public, but i guess thats for himself to know not us. Pandaboy is also stealthy, strong, agile, and fast thinking. But he acts faster than he thinks. And another thing that i don't know about Pandaboy is his real name! and that's the most important part. But i guess he found a way around."i know, your jaw dropped and your picking it up right now but what kevin said was a complete "Fill" on Pandaboy.


  • nope. noda. never. zero. Naught. not gonna. nope. outta luck. no. no. no. never. nope. zero. NEVAH!
  • What was it this time Kevin? Matrix? outcast? ninja? Hornet? or was it just a power-down?
  • don't worry! i got a donut, a banana, a loaf of bread, and a watermellion! o i see your point....
  • (bing) (bong) (bang) (twang) (plap) (pop) ooo man i gotta get myself this frying pan!

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