Nick 2

Nick wearing Sage robes instead of his standard Grim Aider garb.

Nick Myme (previously Mystery myme) is a Grim aider. He is also an epic master sythesman.


Nick Myme was originally born into the Grim Aiders, and was a promosing student in all fields. He was sent to Aef to watch what was going on there, and went under the (Inventive) name of Mystery Myme. From the start, he was shy and wore an unusual green cloak. He joined the Imaginaughts group, and since became the groups teleporting specialist (and changed back into the normal garb of the Grim Aiders). After a mortal wound given whilst adventuring, Goldas revitalized Nick. This powerful healing spell restored the unbalnced Life Force that all Grim aiders are born with. This "New" person revealed his true Identidy as Nick Myme, and told the group all about the Grim aiders, which made the group start planning a "rescue mission" for all the people still trapped under the Grim Reaper's servitude.

Grim aider revolution story arcEdit

After Goldas was aquatinced with Varralion, the new character was kidnapped by the dark organization (The grim aiders, in case you haven't guessed). Seeing this as an opportunity to free Nick's old group, Goldas declared a major "Jailbust", and led the Imaginaughts to the Dark fortress. Nick led the way, and in minutes they had "restored" all the grim aiders to their "balanced" mortal state. The group then tried to free Varralion, only for a sword duel with the Grim Reaper. After Goldas destryed the beast, the Elemental Lord of Darkness came and tried to destroy the group, Vain held off the Elemental Lord of Darkness while Nick focused. Nick lent his powers into the creation of a Unity arrow, thus temporarily banishing the elemntal lord.

He is currently a Professor at Aef.


Nick can use his sythe to open rifts (portals) into other relms and places, as well as being able to "cut someone to size" with it. He has mastered all the skills of a Grim aider. He is currently captain of that group


Mystery MimeEdit

  • Me? My name is....uh....Mystery Myme.
  • Woah. Big dormatory
  • Sorry, I cant reveal that
  • Humph. My people always wear this. It looks nice
  • Gaah! Why must you always chose me?

Nick MymeEdit

  • Thank you Goldas. My name is Nick Myme, Grim aider!
  • Yeah, these brambles died centuries ago. Still spiky, though.
  • It splits off into two sections here. Its skull-shaped.
  • Don't thank me
  • Humph...fine.
  • Ill take care of this.
  • Who am I? I am Nick Myme, Imaginaught, grim aider, master Necromancer, and your worst nightmare.
  • Die already!
  • Like it? Its greeeeeen -Nick on his wardrobe choise.


  • 15 years of age.
  • Pale white skin
  • Blonde hair
  • Green eyes
  • 18 Aefian Years old (equivalent is 18 human years, human time is 36)