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Nexter (full name is Nexter Tom Rodney) is James' brother and one of the main characters in Behemeth Strikes.


One day Nexter was doing his usuall watching TV's military channel and o all his life he wanted to join one branch of it. And one day after he turned 14 (his current age) he joined Esit and in less than 1 week he found out how though it is to be in Esit. And he also found out that he will have to go through the thoughest missions and finally... NOT GONNA SPOIL NOT GONNA SPOIL BLAH BLAH BLAH. And after that he had to get some robotic parts and ever sense then he was a cyborg.


Nexter has one laser cannon to replace his right arm and he uses it to fire powerful lasers at his target.

Nexter had to have a jetpack to replace most of his back.

Nexter usually carries a pistol just in case.

Nexter brings his Swiss-army-knife everywhere, and anytime so he can be ready for almost anything.


look at the above.


  • 14 Years of age.
  • Dark brown hair.
  • White skin
  • Male


  • are you kidding me? im not gonna be scared (turns around) o that guys though.....
  • ehh don't worry the side'effects are only a 70 percent chance that you would blow up and a 25 percent chance that you will turn into a puddle of water. ooo i see your point...
  • this laser cannon is great.... but it turns out badly when i try to eat cerial.
  • (laugh) skadoosh (boom) *cough* did i just make a hole in the wall?.... i'm doomed.
  • awww shoot! (boom) *cough* not that kind of shoot...
  • james! you did it! your the bomb man! (boom) *cough cough* again.... not what i meant!
  • (alien language in background) uhhh..... did you just say that my pet cat has pink wings and meows turtles?
  • pinch me i must be dreaming...... OWWWW! james!