Neos is a source of energy that, when used, transforms inanimate objects (robots, weapons and armor mainly) into a more powerful version, but it doesn't work on organic things. It was introduced in the Neo Saga. It was invented by Goldin. It is succeeded by Ultimate Form.

George Arenian has figured out how to use Neos on himself, being the first to use it on an organic thing.

Properties Edit

Neos weapons can be sleeker and more shiny, emit a glow, and have unessecary spikes. Neos items have a higher melting point. Neos swords can be slightly longer or wider and feature a hand protector or exadurated pommel. Weapons are also more comfortable and slightly more organic in areas where the weapon is held. Neos weapons are more Mana conductive, but do not conduct electricity as well as a non-Neos form (Excepting some weapons). It is impossible to put an exact tag on it, but a surefire way of knowing is a transformation after the wielder shouts/says aloud "Neos".

Trivia Edit

  • It had the same name as the main character in the Matrix before it was renamed to Neos.

Gallery Edit

  • Dual 7-Shots
  • Light/Dark Blade

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