640px-Mythril Bar Detail

A dull Mythril bar.

Mythril is the enchanted form of Mithril. it is a very shiny blue, which glows under ultraviolet light. It is slightly magnetic. It will conduct magic only if the magic is channeled through it, it will resist magic, but will allow it to be cast. It is stronger, yet more flexible than its unenchated counterpart.

How to enchant the metal to make it mythril Edit

Lay the armor out on a table, lay your hands on it, and say a particular spell. The spell has little roots in most languages, so how they discovered it is beyond 90% of Aefian scholars.

Ecta no ta uno lek myth riel
(Mochadian: Eteäm oltrises nese fäbülä)

The armor will soak up the Mana discahrged by the spell and begin to transform.

Trivia Edit

  1. It is better to use Mithril for armor, due to Mythril being rather flexible
  2. Mithril is pronounced mith-rill, while mythril is pronounced by saying myth-ril, literally saying "Myth" in the name, stemmed from magic being mythical.

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