Mox Mori is a master assassin trained by Vain "The Impaler" Vezu. His role is to stab people guilty of treason when they least expect it. Mox's title is "The Darkness".

History Edit

Born 1.5 years after Vain, Mox Mori began his life wanting to be a police officer so he oculd make bad people go away. An Assassin recruitment agency found him and recruited him into the order. Mox soon caught the eye of the founder of the Aefian assassins, Vain. After loosing to Vain in a fight, he was offered to be trained under his wing. Mox accepted, and became one of Vain's best students. When the Imaginaughts took the throne in AC 0, MOx was promoted to hunt out people plotting against the blue and red houses (i.e., Terrorists), and kill them.

He has been twice convicted of killing those with peaceful intentions. He is currently serving time in prison for the second sentence.

Equipment Edit

  • Knives
  • Knives
  • Rope
  • Grappling hook
  • Did I mention Knives?
  • And knives.


  • Mox Mori means "Soon to die" in Latin