A Mochite crystal in a storage container

Mochite is a very rare, sturdy metal alloy and crystal, made of Chromium, Boron, and other metals while being almost as tough as diamond, but far cheaper and stronger. It also acts as a very good electrical conductor, second only to Silver. It is almost always found in the form of a crystal, which is Octahedral, cyan, and Radioluminescent.

Mochite is also a good conductor of Mana, and it used commonly as mana batteries on Aef. Mochadians have figured out a more profitable way of extracting mana, which also hardens the gem for use in armor. Aefians use a far slower method, but in return, the battery can be recharged almost infinitely.

Depleted Mochite Edit

Depleted Mochite loses its luminessence, but becomes a lot harder and begins to get the properties of a metal.

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