Matrixian Tree

A Matrixian Tree


maytrainia before matrix took it over.

Maytrainia is a surtaint part of the forest that the Matrix call Home. Its generally considered suicide to go into the forests, though many have still come out.

Size, And PopulationEdit

Maytrainia takes up about 50 square hecatres of land and increases every year. It is located on Aef, and it is not that far from James' backyard. The population is impossible to count because of the rapidly-growing Matrix population, though there have been guessed to be over 1000 animals.

Due to its location, many have planned to do a mass destrustion of the forest using Aef's Planet-changing technology, there has been a plan to just pick up the area and fold it back in on itself. Goldas Arenian and James have both disagreed to this plan, however, and most of the Imaginaughts agree.


Once Maytrainia had its same-old same-old matrix activity going on their but then finally, a Hunter raid came inside of Maytrainia trying to make all of the matrix inside of it run-away but then that just caused a huge battle between the Matrix and anyone else who dared fight them.

(more will be added soon)

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