Matrixian Tree

A middle-aged Matrixian-tree.

The Matrixian Tree is a tree that grows food that Matrix eat but for everything/everyone else its poisonous.

The Matrixian Tree is unique, for if all of its fruit has been eaten the leaves will turn purple, and tug the branches to the ground. It makes a spiny cover all around it so Matrix can't tear apart the leaves and branches to get the growing fruit. And after the Matrixian Tree has grown 15 fruit while it is purple, it's leaves will slowly turn back to their normal color, then they will raise back up. However, because most Matrix know about this they slowly devour the fruit in order for the tree to grow more fruit as they are eating some other ones. Only Matrix cubs do not know about this, and they usually get badly injured by the spines. Most people call this phase "Reborn" for when the tree is normal and has not gone purple yet, they only have 10 fruit at a time, therefore after all fruit have been eaten, they come back again, better.

Size, Age, And ColorEdit

  • Matrixian Trees are not that large. A fully grown Matrixian-tree is about the size of a fully grown Dogwood-tree.
  • Matrixian-trees have a long life-span before they start to rot therefore making a very-good Matrix-food-supply.
  • All Matrixian-trees are orangish/tealish colored. Leaves turn purple, explanation is above.

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