Matrixian Fruit is the fruit that grows from Matrixian Trees and are the food of the common Matrix.

Appearance Edit

These fruit have a rough skin texture. They grow similar to most fruit, with a stem on the top. The flesh of the fruit is a very light blue/green colour, and similar to a pear. The skin, if treated properly, can be used as an impromptu armor, though is peirced easily by Iron weapondry, or better.


The taste of the Matrixian fruit is unknown to most Aefians and Humans, due to the presence of a toxin that only Matrix have immunity to. With an immunity tablet, the toxin itself tastes bitter, with the detoxicated fruit tasting sweet. However, these tablets do not work on the fruit itself, due to a chemical which stops the immunity from working. Matrix have special glands which remove this chemical.

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