The Matrix is a species that is quadrupedal and very dangerous.


The Matrix were originally an experiment by James. They were accidentally set free after an unfortunate incident in the lab.

Size And AgeEdit

A full grown Matrix is about a little bit bigger than a full grown lion and a newborn Matrix is the size of a small kitten. A Matrix's life-span is about 0-65.

Weapons And AbilitysEdit

All Matrix have very sharp claws that's can cut through all kinds of metal. All Matrix have sharp teeth but not nearly as large as a sabor-toothed-tiger's teeth. Plus all Matrix tend to growl/hiss/rawr a lot. They have a large amount of speed and jumping ability. Because of they're sharp claws, they can climb very well.


Matrix are a very dangerous species that are more aggressive than friendly but if you get to know a matrix for a long time, it will get nicer, and nicer, and nicer, too you until your it's friend.


  • Matrix were the first thing Pandaboy2 made on this wiki.
  • James created the Matrix.
  • The Matrix were named after James' middle name.
  • The Matrix are a type of species that has Metanight skin.
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