Marcus "Agent Zero" Arenian is the son of Varralia Arenian and Goldas Arenian. He used knowledge and aging potions to get to his fathers age. His most powerful role is of Agent Zero.


After being born, Marcus seemed to get a hold of knowledge and age potions, boosting him to the age of 17 (Aefian), slightly younger than his fathers age. He then later wanted to become a grim aider, so Nick trains him.

Marcus began learning the path of the Four Dragon Transformation, and can achieve it with ease, probably due to his father also learning it. After wanting a more professinal role, he adopted the post of "Agent Zero", as an esponase agent.

Regulary used spells Edit

Equipment Edit


Silver Gauntlet

Marcus has a Rift Ripper in the form of the end of a sythe. He also wears two gauntlets, a gold, complicated one, and a silver, simpler one. These each have various powers.