This is generally the law when it comes to writing your story. Its mostly a guideline, but there are just some guidelines you just dont cross.

The Manual Edit

  1. The rule of Fun: It doesn't have to make sense, as long as its entertaining, its good.
  2. The rule of Funny: Again, it doesn't have to make sense, but funny is good.
  3. Magic rule: Magic is not there to be a way to instakill opponents, unless they are just some random minion types, then its feasible. Draw out the battles. No OP characters.
  4. The rule of Gore: Keep blood, gore and other NSFW content to a minimum. Then again, sometimes when establishing a horrific scene this can be discarded.
  5. The rule of Rating: Attept to keep your content M (Teen, or 15) or lower, if possible.
  6. The rule of Battle: The epic scale of the battle directly relates to the length of the battle and the participants. Make the battle too long and it becomes boring. Make the battle too short, and it becomes forgettable.
  7. On Redshirts and Mooks: Redshirts are characters that exist only to die, in the main character's team. Mooks are the minons that can be killed very quickly. Expect swarms of mooks, and for them to all die very quickly.

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