Level 0-1 of Limbo

Dimention Type

Messed up filler space.



Primary Elements

Darkness, or none.

Limbo is a cold, dark, hot, wet, dry, strange, upside-down dimension which is the filling space between all dimensions, as well as the place dead go that can go into Heaven or Hell. The deeper you got the stranger it gets, and portals from the main Univerce go directly into "Level 0", where Limbite forms.

Levels Edit

Level 0 Edit

Limbite rocks, practically normal everything else.

Level 1 Edit

Floating Islands, random screaming, appirations of the things you fear the most


Limbo Level 2

Level 2 Edit

Purple dirt, Green grass, some red or blue rocks. Water that goes in all directions at once. Messes with your head big time, especially in terms of physics.

Level 3Edit


A drawing of one of the LV3 Limbo Trees.

Lightning, Light bridges, more messed-up physics. Plants, ruins of things normal, holy and unholy. Big trees. Exiled demons. It is belived Mortlock made refuge here.

Deeper Levels Edit

EVEN STRANGER THINGS DOWN LOWER. There are infinite levels.

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