Limbite Ingot

Limbite is a metal discovered by Aloysius.

It originated in the dimension known as Limbo, and was brought back by Aloysius.


Limbite Ore is originally a yellow colour with a black outer casing. By breaking the casing, the dull yellow ore can be smelted into a far stronger, silver-coloured metal. Further working makes the metal stronger, but darker in appearance.

Properties Edit

Limbite is unique because only other limbite could possibly break or cut at it, yet other substances will, over time, wear away at the metal (round edges, scratches etc.). Another curious feature is that it is completely Mana absorbant, and will even negate some spells. The mana locked inside the Limbite can only be retrieved by melting it down, which is the same way to shape the metal.

Aloysius is very proficient in Limbite smelting, and in Imaginaughts Alpha (Part III), he is beginning to give classes on the subject.

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