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Deep in the Imagiworld, a Red Dragon woke from his lair. His leathery wings stretched out and unfolded. He walked out in the dark, depressing light, then flew out, and eventually reached the Imaga-real border. He crossed it and came into the real world, and kept flying forward. He was headed for a town that he wanted to destroy. The dragon reached a large lake and began flying over it. Deep in the lake, the ground rose, and cracked open, revealing the thing that was rising. It was Komodo cobra! It yawned in the murky water, then swam to the surface. The Red Dragon was still flying over the lake, but all of a sudden, Komodo cobra rose out of the water right below it. KC hissed and slapped the dragon with its tail. He scraped KC with one of his claws as a response, angering KC even more. The two clashed together in a painful battle, but somehow made it to land. The Red Dragon then noticed that the land was the town he wanted to destroy, so he escaped the battle and began destroying. KC jumped on him, scraping him with its claws. The Red Dragon tried scorching KC with its fire, but the fire was burnt out after it tried to hurt KC for a few seconds. KC wasn't hurt by it, and when the fire went out, it was shown that it didn't even turn KC's skin black, or even darker! This proved to the dragon that KC was extremely strong, stronger than he thought. They clashed and scraped more, then a group of fire mages approached the two giant creatures. They used all of their spells on the two, but only the Red Dragon was hurt, and he was barely hurt at all. KC bit the Red Dragon, poisoning him. The Red Dragon retreated back into the Imagiworld, and when he got into his lair, he died from poison. KC went back into its underwater home in victory.