Komodo cobra woke up, and came out of its underwater home in the Imagiworld. Far in the Mystic Desert, a Black dragon sensed that KC has risen. He was a giant Black dragon, just a tiny bit smaller than the mighty KC, and had seven heads, indicating that he was the leader of the black dragons as he is the biggest and has the maximum amount of heads one can have. He spread his dark wings and soared near the location of KC. KC instantly knew that the dragon was approaching it, so headed away for a better fight location. It stopped when entering a large, open field. It stood there with its head up and hood flaps compeletely extended, expecting the arrival of the black dragon. After waiting a while, KC noticed that the black dragon hasn't came yet. Just then, he arrived and landed right in front of KC. Komodo rose its head and flexed its hood flaps, standing in front of the black dragon leader. He started the battle by scraping KC in the face, or at least trying to, since KC swiftly dodged it. KC slapped him in the face, and he spewed fire at Komodo. KC wasn't hurt by that, and got angry at the attempt, and obviously the dragon. He flew up into the air, bringing KC with him using his tail. KC struggled out of the tail's coils, and painlessly landed on the ground. The dragon came back down and powerfully wrapped his necks around KC's necks. However, KC can breathe in outer space, which means it doesn't have to breathe to live. However, the dragon was scraping his sharp neck scales against Komodo's neck, not trying to constrict it (but if he did try to constrict KC, it wouldn't work anyway). KC slung its head around and flexed its hood flaps out more, slowly loosening the dragon's grip. He grabbed on to KC with the sharp claws on his four, muscular legs (the two front legs kind of count as arms, though). KC stopped struggling and wrapped its thick tail around the dragon's waist, trying to pull him off of it. KC succeeded, and threw the dragon away from it. He rose and spit fire at KC. This failed to hurt KC once again, however. He clashed in to Komodo, and began scraping it. Though KC began doing good, it began to weaken, or at least what the dragon thought. He began to "take it easy" on KC, but then was bitten. He fell in pain, with the poison quickly beginning to take effect. He tried to kill KC before he died, but fell to the ground. KC hissed and laughed in victory, then slithered over the black dragon's dead body, going back to its underwater home.