Deep in an ocean in the Imagiworld, Komodo cobra woke from its trench. Reznor woke, after sensing that KC, his arch enemy, had woke up. The two giant creatures approached each other in a wide, empty field in the Imagiworld. The 50-meter long KC and the "a little bit less than 50 meters" long Reznor battled each other for 100 years long. After 100 years, they were still locked in a battle. They ended up moving into an Imagiworld town. All the citizens of the town gathered around the two giants and began attacking them with all kinds of weapons: dragoons, unity arrows, Energy Bows, spears, and anything else they can find. However, KC and Reznor weren't hurt at all. Their tails were flicking up and slamming down, and golden flames were spewing everywhere. KC's tail crushed all the attackers, and scraped Reznor's face. Reznor eventually began to get weaker and tired, but still battled. However, KC then fell to the ground, and Reznor smelled much pain from KC, enough to prove that it was dead. Reznor held his head up in victory and roared, spewing golden flames from his mouth. He folded his wings behind his back and bent over KC. After a silent moment, KC shot up and powerfully bit Reznor in the neck. KC wasn't dead, but it let out a scent that smelled just like pain, which tricked Reznor. This is when KC got a chance to bite Reznor. Reznor weakly fell to the ground, but painfully got up. He spread his wings out and flew back to his cave. However, before he could go into it, he fell out of the sky, dead. Now that Reznor was dead, KC went back to its underwater home in relief and victory.