Komodo cobra

Komodo cobra is the master of reptiles, but his/her gender is unknown. He/she is 50 meters long, and is slightly against the Imaginaughts. However, it is said that if someone befriends Komodo cobra, they can choose who and/or what it fights with and against.

History Edit

One day in a calm field, it was raining harshly, and lightning powerfully stuck down. This was very abnormal weather, and the residents of the field knew something was wrong. A GIANT flash of lightning struck, then when it was gone, a giant, 50-meter long cross of a Komodo dragon and a king cobra appeared. It was the horrible Komodo cobra! He/she destructively rampaged through the field, wreaking havoc. When it was finished, it vanished over the horizon. Every year, it wreaks havoc in a different place, sometimes it wreaks that same field, but other times it will travel far to wreak another area. It has been in several conflicts with many great beings.

It is said that the Komodo Cobra disappeared from Aef before the Rise of the Ember Saga.

Description Edit

Komodo cobra is a 50-meter long creature that is a cross of a Komodo dragon and a king cobra. It looks like a Komodo Dragon, but has the "hood" of a King Cobra. The lower half of its body (its hips, back legs, tail) is a long, King Cobra tail, so it only has front legs, not back, but can still move around quickly.

Abilities Edit

Komodo cobra doesn't have many powers, but is extremely strong. Since it has the head of a Komodo dragon, its bite is venomous, and it can breathe normally whilst underwater, on land, or in space. This means that it doesn't need to breathe to survive. Also, its body is its soul. For example, if some evil thing that can suck the souls out of things approached Komodo cobra and tried to suck its soul out, nothing would happen, and that wouldn't work since Komodo cobra is solid.