Klael disguising himself as Humanoid.

Klael, The Elemental Lord of Darkness is the source of all Darkness magic. He is an Elemental Lord. Klael is sometimes referred to as the Eternal lord of darkness, but the two terms are interchangeable.

History Edit

Not much is known about Klaels coming into being, but he was involved in the creation of the universe, and the destruction of several planets.

Klael's first appearance in the Imaginaughts saga was after a large battle on Aef, Goldas banished the dark lord away from Aef fro a number of years. Not much is remembered about this event, but there was a lot of white light.

The second appearance by the elemental lord of darkness was in the Grim Aider saga, where he attempted to defeat the Imaginaughts after they had felled the Grim Reaper. He was distroyed by a unity arrow formed by George, Nick, Targ and Tivic, and fired by Goldas.

His third appearance as the elemental lord of darkness was at another battle at Aef, he was considered gone for good after every person on Aef joined forces to fire a unity arrow at him.

His next appearance signalled the elemental Lord's name being revealed as Klael, the name associated with the "Main bad guy" in David Edding's The Tamuli. There is no known record of how exactly he was defeated, but the role of the Thirteen may have had an impact. This is the first time he appeared in a setting without most of the standard Imaginaughts cast, in the thirteen saga only Goldas Arenian, Raven and Vain Vezu were involved.

He was involved in the creation of Silvos and the Slender Man.

Physical appearence Edit

Klael DavidEddings

A knight, Sparhawk, holding the blue cristal form of Behelliom fighting an adaption of Klael. Seen on the cover of a David Eddings book.

As an Eternal Lord, Klael can shape himself into any manifestation of darkness. He has been seen as a man wearing black armor, a large shadow, an evil nobleman, and a large demon. Black is a dominat shade. Red is also common in his attire, as is purple and (rarely) midnight blue or tarnished gold. That said, he has no concrete appearance. His base form is pure Darkness, something so primary that no-one will ever remember it the same.

Known Powers Edit

  • Transformation
  • Regeneration
  • Transmutation
  • Darkness magic (duh)
  • Teleportation
  • Instant killing
  • Creation
  • Poison
  • Blood magic
  • Mind control
  • Telepathy

Trivia Edit

  • Takes his name from a character in a book by David Eddings.

Gallery Edit

  • David Eddings Version
  • Disguising
  • Klael in a nightmarish form
  • Klael (Left) fighting Bionis (Right).

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